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Not exactly the rocket science look

The Benham Brothers are not exactly the brightest bulbs. David Benham’s latest story causes me to wonder if he measures intellect by his own shortcomings. According to the Brothers’ latest piece titled “Former Lesbian Finds New Identity—in Christ:”

Last week, on the same day Eugene Peterson came out in favor of gay marriage—and later retracted —I (David) had a great conversation with a same-sex attracted young woman who came out of the lesbian lifestyle and surrendered her life to Jesus.

Conservative Christians continue to insist that there is some originality in the claim that someone “came out of the [homosexual|lesbian] lifestyle.” The meaningless phrase is apparently spared from cliche status by devotion to their god. However, it is the coincidental timing of two events (David Benhams’ ex-gay encounter and Eugene Peterson’s expressions) that raises the level of my cynicism and doubt. That all accelerates as Benham tries to tie events together:

My conversation with her reminded me of how vitally important it is today for Christian leaders—like Peterson and others—to teach God’s word with abundant clarity on the issues of homosexuality and identity because this young girl was still sadly confused.

Because Benham is omniscient? Inerrant? And his flavor of religion has a monopoly on knowing the deity? Apparently, Benham’s god is obsessed with sexual orientation and opprobrium for gay people. That would explain the apparent obsession of the Benham Brothers. It seems to be about all they talk about. Things get even more convenient:

My youngest daughter attended a Bible study this woman helped facilitate, and the topic of gay pride and the equality movement came up. Although she is now walking in full submission to Jesus’ teaching on sexuality, this young leader began to discuss her former lesbianism and her continued support for the gay pride movement. Naturally, it confused the girls in the room, and it startled the parents when we found out, including me.

This is a first. Supposed ex-gays tend to be quite outwardly homophobic, presumably to reinforce and promote their ex-gayism. The idea of someone in a Christian bible study (which she organized), who claims to be ex-gay and then promoting support for gay pride is rather hard to believe.

David Benham to the rescue

When I arrived to pick up my daughter, I had planned to sit with her and
discuss what the Lord says about our sin and how His amazing grace not
only saves us from our sin but also gives us a brand-new identity. Yet
when I walked in the door, the first person I met was this young woman.

He was informed through telepathy.

As soon as I saw her, my heart broke for her. I could tell she felt
really bad for taking the liberty to inform our 11-year-old girls about
the pride movement and her views on lesbianism, when we were simply
expecting our daughters to learn foundational truths from Scripture. But
her genuine humility grabbed my heart.

The instant mind reading proficiency comes from consistent prayer, no doubt.

I could see in her eyes she was sorry, yet I could also see how
confused she was. So I felt compelled to reach out and place my hand on
her shoulder and say, “I see in you a precious child of God, one whom
the Lord loves very much. And I see a woman who has chosen to follow
Jesus and serve in the church by helping others surrender to Him as
well. I’m so thankful for you.”

Mind reading combined with visual gifts. It’s like that x-ray vision thing that Superman has.

I didn’t get two words in before her chin began to quiver and tears
started rolling down her cheeks. She could hardly make eye contact with
me. God was speaking through me at that moment, which doesn’t happen
often, and His words were landing directly in her heart. It was a
special moment for both of us.

God speaks through Benham! Just ask Benham. Of course that doesn’t happen all that often. God made her cry? The odds are overwhelming that anyone who claims to speak for, or with, God is a charlatan. Benham is apparently bless with numerous supernatural gifts including mind reading, telepathy, sight reading and being a vocal conduit for his god. Truly amazing. Let us all bow to Benham and worship at his feet.

Yet because I felt true Christian love for this woman, I knew I couldn’t simply leave it at that—I had to speak truth to her so she could be set free from the bondage of confusion about her identity in Christ.

So I said to her, with my wife standing by my side, “When you said yes to Jesus your old nature died and is gone; you became a new creation. This is what being born again means. You’re not the same old sinner you once were—you don’t have to identify with it any longer.”

“True Christian love.” If anyone is confused it is Benham. This is all about David Benham and the pedestal that he has put himself on. The very purpose of this “fairy” tale is to elevate Benham. Note how his wife got in the act. He is too stupid to keep his BS straight. Earlier he wrote: “When I arrived to pick up my daughter …” No “we” or “my wife and I.” It is possible but I have my doubts.

David Benham presupposes that everyone is as dimwitted as a Benham. That orbit is not exactly their god’s laboratory for intellect and critical thinking.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.