Mat Staver, leader of Liberty Counsel, has been insisting that Kim Davis was the victor in her civil litigation. The matter is has now been resolved. Plaintiffs prevailed, Davis lost and  Kentucky must now pay attorneys fees in the amount of $224,000. Quoting from the New York Times:

But the plaintiffs in the case filed a motion for lawyers’ fees shortly thereafter; a magistrate judge later recommended that the court deny the plaintiffs’ motion for such fees.

But in his order, Judge Bunning rejected the magistrate’s recommendations, finding instead that the couples who had sued Ms. Davis had “prevailed” in the case, which entitled them to lawyers’ fees. He also found that the Commonwealth of Kentucky — not Ms. Davis or Rowan County — must pay them.

“In this case, the plaintiffs ‘prevailed by every measure of victory,’” Judge Bunning wrote. “Plaintiffs obtained marriage licenses that could not be revoked. And two of the plaintiff-couples married on those licenses. That is enduring relief.”

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By David Cary Hart

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