Brian S. Brown

Brian S. Brown has his hand out again and this time it is for International Organization for the Family which is actually World Congress of Families which is actually the Howard Center For Family Religion and Society which is actually just another anti-LGBT hate group. One day Brown’s kids will be so proud.

Today’s missive is titled “A Pizza A Month.” Mr. Brown looks like he eats lots of pizza. But I digress:

Dear Friend:

I want to update you on the tremendous opportunity we have this summer as a result of the $100,000 matching gift offer we’ve received. Every dollar we raise through the summer will be doubled thanks to this incredible offer! I am most excited that 52 people have accepted our request to become a Sustaining Member, pledging to make a modest contribution to IOF each month. The great news is that all those future monthly contributions for an entire year will be matched! All together, we will receive $705 per month so far which is nearly $8,500 on an annual basis. That’s a great start, but I know we can do so much better!

“Dear Friend” usually means that someone is about to get hosed. Matching gifts are nothing other than restructured contributions. They are not conditioned on receiving other donations. Those supposed 52 people are giving an average of $6.78/month. Very impressive.

The average gift we are receiving is the equivalent of the cost of a medium pizza. Can you manage to contribute the cost of a pizza each month to support our work defending and promoting the natural family?

I’m in for a Sustaining Membership of $7 a month

I’m in for $15 per month

I’m in for $25 a month

I’m in for $50 a month

I’m in for more a month

“Defending and promoting the natural family” translates to gay bashing.

Later on:

We are the leading global opponent of the leftist ideology of George Soros who uses his billions to force an extreme agenda of abortion on demand, redefinition of marriage, assisted suicide and all kinds of other proposals that destabilize society and damage families. Soros can write a check whenever his causes need funds, but we are reliant on the generosity of our supporters.

Always Soros. Somewhere along the line some conservative Christian determined that Soros would make people angry. He gets blamed for everything. “Leading global opponent?” Seriously? For the year ended September 30, 2015, Howard Center had revenues of $499 thousand, lost $3 thousand and had a net asset value of $52 thousand. That doesn’t depict a global leader of anything. Having said that, I do have issues with their accounting and the absence of World Congress expenses but that’s a subject for another day and time.

Please help us continue to be an effective opponent to the Soros agenda. We are defeating him all over the world, but we need your support to continue to be successful.

Details Brian. Details. How and where is your little enterprise defeating anyone? Sure they gave Russia and some African nations a homophobia assist but to what extent and to what effect is unknown. Would Russia be any more tolerant of LGBT people if IOF ceased to exist?

I suppose that the ball is now on National Organization for Marriage’s tee. It is my considered opinion that every NOM solicitation request is unlawful. I will cover that when the next one comes in. We won’t have to wait long for a “gimme.”

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.