Elaine Donnelly and Peter LaBarbera
Elaine Donnelly and Peter LaBarbera

We can thank hate group, American Family Association for bringing together two hate group leaders to share their wisdom on Agent Orange’s transphobic tweets. Peter LaBarbera (“Porno Pete”) and Elaine Donnelly (“Clueless”) explain all you need to know. The piece by AFA’s Chad Groening (must they all have porn names?) is titled: “Trump spurred to act by generals, by facts.”

We will begin with Clueless:

Looking from afar, it appears that the President of the United States did talk to those military leaders. And they must have just very systematically shown him why this would be harmful to military readiness and mission accomplishment. And if you look at the directives that were put in place by the previous administration, you can understand why.

Which military leaders would those be? You would kinda think that Secretary of Defense Mattis would have some say in the matter. That wasn’t the case and Mad Dog is reportedly mad as hell. And no, Clueless, most normal people cannot understand why. John McCain, who opposed the repeal of Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell doesn’t understand why. Neither does Sec. Mattis. This was about politics — not the military.

Let’s see what brilliance Porno Pete brings to the table:

This news is so good I can’t remember feeling this good about public policy in so long because the Republicans are usually such wimps – and here we have a bold action by a Republican leader. What a concept!

Easily placated. Feeling so joyful over discrimination is, well … Pete’s idea of fun. Porno Pete has never talked to a trans person in his life. He has no idea whatsoever in what capacities they are serving and the performance ratings that they are achieving. Neither does Trump for that matter. A tweet is not public policy and the Pentagon had already hit the pause switch on recruiting trans personnel, subject to further review. Agent Orange cannot help himself. We are the laughing stock of the civilized world. Trump has left 15,000 people uncertain due to the fact that he cannot plan anything. He would be hard pressed to organize a suntan in the summer in South Beach.

Pete’s children must be so proud. For their sake I hope that none are LGBT, although it might teach Pete a lesson.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.