Amy Lawson is probably not an awful person. She is just an idiot.

Amy Lawson - Amy Lynn Photography Studio

Amy Lawson, dba Amy Lynn Photography Studio, wants a license to discriminate against gay people. On Tuesday, Alliance Defending Freedom is trying to promote Lawson’s intended self-centered, self-righteous bigotry.

I am using this form for quotes from the lawsuit.

I am using this form for quotes from today’s blog post.

I have written about Amy Lynn Photography Studio before. Lawson has a full-time job working for the Nonn’s Kitchen Bath and Flooring store in Middleton, Wisconsin. Lawson is a graduate of that bastion of critical thinking — Bob Jones U. Shocking, I know. Amy Lawson is probably not an awful person. She is just an idiot.

Alliance Defending Freedom, a hate group, filed suit in March on Amy’s behalf against the city of Madison, WI. In addition to ADF, Lawson is represented by local attorney Michael D. Dean. The action is a pre-enforcement challenge seeking to enjoin the city from enforcing its nondiscrimination law. It’s long-winded stuff that is unlikely to succeed. It is full of the usual sanctimonious BS:

Amy started a for-profit photography studio in Madison called Amy Lynn
Photography Studio (“Studio”) because she felt God calling her to use her artistic gifts to create
and promote visual stories depicting God’s beauty in the world around us.

God told her to do it. Sure. Let’s have a helping of arrogance on the side:

Amy not only promotes certain content, she avoids
certain content. Amy can hardly promote her beliefs while glamorizing contrary ideas. Amy
therefore cannot photograph or write about things celebrating pornography, racism, violence,
abortion, or any marriage besides marriage between one man and one woman, such as same-sex
marriage. Nor can she photograph or write about organizations that promote those beliefs.

The act of taking photographs on commission is not about promoting one’s beliefs. The act of taking photographs of an activity that she disapproves of doesn’t glamorize or promote anything. Moreover, this has nothing whatsoever to do with anything she writes. On today’s blog post ADF is trying to muddy the waters:

In addition to taking and editing photographs for individuals, events, and organizations, Amy posts those photographs on her studio’s blog and social media sites. She also writes comments on those posts praising and celebrating each client’s activity or event.

She doesn’t have to annotate the photos of same-sex weddings. Problem solved. Have a helping of “I serve everyone” while we’re at it:

While these laws should not apply to Amy since she serves individuals of every
sexual orientation and every political belief, Madison and Wisconsin interpret their laws to force
Amy to create and publish content she finds objectionable and to remove content she wants on
her website. Specifically, these laws force Amy to photograph and write about same-sex
marriages and pro-abortion groups because she does so for pro-life groups and for marriages
between one man and one woman. And these laws prevent Amy from explaining why she cannot
create photographs or write words promoting same-sex marriage or abortion.

The fact that she is willing to take some gay person’s money for a portrait is irrelevant to whether or not she provides services to same-sex marriages. ADF just repeats the same bullshit over and over again. It’s the equivalent of saying “I am willing to serve a Jew providing that he is not marrying a Christian woman.” It is discrimination. Events are evaluated separate and apart from all other events.

Today ADF added some information that I was not aware of or did not previously notice:

To make clear to prospective customers that she could not promote same-sex weddings through her photography and blog posts, Amy put a statement on her website in 2016 saying she wouldn’t photograph same-sex weddings. One of Amy’s wedding clients objected and said she wouldn’t use Amy because of her beliefs. That along with news reports of Christians being sued for not promoting same-sex marriage caused Amy to take down the website statement for fear it might violate the law.

In point of fact that does violate the law. It is per se discrimination. More importantly, she has learned that straight people object to the bigotry as well. ADF is mired in its own bullshit with the notion that serving gay couples is “promoting same-sex marriage.” I understand advocacy but that is just plain offensive as an insult to our collective intelligence. It’s simply people selling goods or services for monetary compensation.

Ms. Lawson is no different from the other dozen or so folks intent on this form of discrimination. What they really want is the right to demonstrate their disapproval of gay people and to have some measure of control over the lives of others. My fervent hope — and cautious expectation — is that the Supreme Court will put an end to this nonsense with a ruling for the respondent in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado this coming term. We should receive a ruling in that matter by June of 2018.

Even then, ADF will try to push the envelope claiming that Masterpiece does not apply because of some tortured logic of their own creating. Yet, they, and the Amy Lawsons of this world will have much less room to maneuver.

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