Jerry Boykin

Family Research Council was designated a hate group before it hired retired General Jerry Boykin as its number two. With Boykin around the situation became hopeless. FRC will be a hate group for a very long time.

Today’s email from Boykin is titled: “Radical activist wants to ‘punish’ Christians.” As you might have guessed that “radical” activist is Tim Gill. Apparently the idea of equality and Equal Protection is a radical notion. Did I mention that General Jerry is certifiably crazy? He is also a liar:

Radical liberals are targeting Christians simply for believing that a marriage is between one man and one woman. They want to “punish” us for living biblical lives.

That is untrue. No one cares what anyone else believes unless and until those beliefs interfere with other people. For example, if my pharmacist is a Scientologist I could not care less. He is free to worship El Ron or Lord Xenu or whatever the hell they worship. However, when he refuses to fill my prescription for antidepressants because he is a Scientologist, then we have a problem — a big problem. Do you get my drift? No one wants to “punish” anyone for their beliefs.

Innocent Americans of faith are being targeted all across the country for standing up for their biblical beliefs in marriage, and now a wealthy liberal activist is taking matters into his own hands.

That is equally untrue. LGBT people are being targeted for discrimination — not the other way around.

Anti-marriage activist Tim Gill has spent more than $422 million over the last two decades attempting to stop our progress for pro-family causes.

No. Uh-uh. That money has been spent to advance our cause for equality. Most things labeled “pro-family” are actually anti-gay. Boykin is light on specifics which is misleading.

This email is all about scaring people into donating money to the hate group:

He’s joining the ACLU, activist judges, and anti-family extremists in an attempt to force his radical, anti-family agenda on all Americans. If we don’t act quickly we may see the government bow to the demands of extremists and eradicate religious freedom in the years to come.

The ACLU has also defended Tony Perkins’ friends in the Klan. “Activist” judges are jurists who deliver rulings that someone doesn’t like. Similarly “radical” means “I don’t like it.” “Anti-family?” Gay people and transgender people have families too. Or does Boykin only count the conservative Christians? About 40% of Americans have a close family member who is LGBT? What about all of those folks? “Anti-family” means that “radical” sanctimonious Christians (who want America to look a bit more like Iran) don’t approve. Free Exercise is afforded by our Constitution. It is not under attack now and it will not come under attack in the future. Unfortunately Boykin has very little regard for our constitutional rights because he believes in  Christian Privilege which stems from Christian supremacy.

Here at FRC Action, we’re preparing to launch an emergency effort to expose and neutralize this secretive, anti-family financier — but we need your help to do it before it’s too late.

The implication is that Gill’s activities are secret and that is patently false. A lie. Gill is socially reclusive. However, the source of every contribution to his foundation is disclosed (something that he is not required to do) and every donation that the foundation makes is disclosed in detail. Lying for a religious cause is still a lie!

You know what comes next:

Please help with your gift today of $25, $35, $50, $100, or more right away to help us stand up and fight for all Christians who seek to honor and glorify God in our daily lives without fear of reprisal from our government.

The “secretive” theme is repeated later on:

And now, uber-wealthy activist Tim Gill is operating an underground anti-family movement aimed at “punishing” Americans who adhere to the biblical definition of marriage.

We need your support to fight back and make a stand for faith, family, and our right to lead Christian lives.

Calling it underground or anti-family is dishonest. Moreover, we really don’t care if someone’s idea of marriage does not include same-sex marriage as long as they do not interfere with our rights.

Tim Gill’s foundation has gone after religious freedom in Georgia, where they went so far as to set up a fake grassroots group to stage manufactured protests. Ultimately, they successfully pressured Republican Governor Nathan Deal into vetoing a bill to protect religious liberty in the state.

That, too, is a lie. Gill never created a fake group in Georgia (note the absence of details). Gill did persuade Governor Deal to veto a license-to-discriminate bill which would have redefined religious liberty. Unless, of course, you think that religious liberty is only achievable with the liberty to refuse service to people you disapprove of.

It’s just a matter of time before someone you know is prevented from living according to their conscience in public or operating their private business according to their deeply held values.

So give money to Family Research Council Action? Finally, there is the lie of omission. This email is sent on behalf of FRC Action. Nowhere is there the disclaimer that donations are not tax deductible. That’s by design of course and people assume that their contribution can be deducted. They take that deduction and we all end up paying for their privilege.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.