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According to Claire Chretien at hate site LifeSiteNews: “Lesbian behind cartoon pushing LGBT to preschool: Disney excited to ‘publicize’ my gay lifestyle.” Pushing? Ms. Chretien indulges in several fantasies. Among these is the idea that gay people are recruited into a lifestyle that she — and the Catholic Church — disapprove of. Another is that children can be influenced to be gay.

Writing While Gay is probably Chris Nee’s greatest offense Ms. Nee is the creator of Disney’s Doc McStuffins which includes a lesbian couple as parents. I am reliably informed that the mean-time-to-homosexual for a nine-year-old boy is 22.38 minutes of viewing (excluding commercials).

About a week ago Chretien was claiming “Lesbian behind Disney’s LGBT show for preschoolers: ‘We’re political on Doc McStuffins’.” On Monday, however, Chretien was especially special:

The creator of the Disney Junior cartoon under fire for depicting a family headed by two lesbians said in 2012 that Disney was “beyond willing” and “excited” to publicize her own homosexuality.

Chris Nee, who is in a same-sex “marriage,” is one of the creators of Doc McStuffins.

Lesbian actresses Wanda Sykes and Portia de Rossi played the same-sex “moms” in the episode, “The Emergency Plan.”

Note the mixed use of quotation marks as quoted material and things that Claire disapproves of. In any event, the fact that Ms. Chretien disapproves of Ms. Nee, lesbians in general, anything that any lesbian has the temerity to create and DocMcStuffins in particular does not mean that the show is “under fire.” Her phobic outlet’s idiotic petition is only indicative of their supreme nuttiness. The lunacy is on full display in this paragraph:

Disney has produced questionable content in their shows and movies for quite some time now. Just this year, an episode of Star vs. the Forces of Evil on The Disney Channel featured same-sex couples kissing in one scene. Disney also had an “exclusively gay moment” in Beauty and the Beast. It is time to push back and demand that Disney stop introducing and promoting harmful content to our children!

The very idea that Disney would be influenced by the “demands” of these people is absurd. More importantly, they are positing that the presence of gay characters is somehow harmful to children. That is bigotry based on the smear that gay people pose a threat to children. It is factually incorrect on several levels. We are not a danger to kids and exposing them to the fact that there are gay people and gay parents does not turn kids gay. Moreover, the church’s proclamation that gay people are “objectively disordered” is based solely on superstition.

Furthermore, Chretien can put the word marriage in quotes all she wants but it is irrelevant. Ms. Nee is married and hers has the same legal weight as any other marriage. What frustrates Chretien and the other irrational Defenders of the Faith is that their approval is neither sought nor required.

Chretien drones on about how evil Disney and Nee are and concludes with this:

Conservatives called the Doc McStuffins episode “propaganda” and “unsafe for children.”

Liberals on twitter celebrated the episode for helping kids raised by same-sex couples “know they’re not weird” and for being “progressive.”


Chretien selects some tweets as verification (ah, the age of Trump) Asserting that the presence of a gay character in children’s programming is “propaganda” or “unsafe for children” is just crazy. I know of no better word to describe this flavor of insanity. The simple fact is that kids have friends whose parents are gay. Would Chretien prefer that children be afraid of that gay couple? What poses a danger to the safety of kids is an irrational fear that has no basis in fact. It is no more rational than fear of the number 13 or black cats. It is superstition in the true sense of the word:

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By David Cary Hart

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