Star Parker
The company one keeps

Star Parker’s fade to irrelevance was briefly interrupted on Tuesday when she made a rather strange comparison:

The same people that are demanding that the Confederate flag comes down are the same people that are insisting that the rainbow flag goes up. These two flags represent the exact same thing: that certain people groups are not welcome here.

Both sentences are factually incorrect. Many people who are offended by display of the Confederate flag on public property are either indifferent or opposed to LGBT rights. The two things are entirely unrelated. The rainbow flag is certainly not a message that people are unwelcome. It is intended as a message of inclusiveness. The effort to compare the two things is a complete failure.

Responding to Nancy Pelosi’s condemnation of Trump’s failure to quickly denounce the Nazis, Klansmen and other detritus:

So if Nancy Pelosi wants to say that we’re going to start shutting down First Amendment rights of a certain group of people, then what happens the next time that the homosexuals want to walk through an American city and protest and counter-protesters come out?

“The homosexuals?” Again, Ms. Parker is factually incorrect. Congresswoman Pelosi never suggested, in any way whatsoever, compromising anyone’s First Amendment rights. Trump has an obligation to denounce hate groups and their leaders from the White House. If you cannot rebuke Nazis or David Duke then what is the threshold for repugnance? The First Amendment prohibits the government from restricting speech. It does not prohibit Trump from rebuking Nazis. Apparently, in addition to being rather dim-witted, Ms. Parker is deranged. She has more antipathy for gay people than she has for Klansmen.

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By David Cary Hart

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