Tim Wildmon
Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon

As of Wednesday you can add Target (NYSE:TGT) to the list of American Family Association’s failed boycotts. The company reported better than expected earnings this morning and revised guidance upwards. Same-store sales increased 1.3%, nearly double the expectations of analysts. Company executives attributed the good results to the success of the company’s private label brands.

Historically, the following companies (and probably others) have incurred the wrath of American Family Association, an anti-LGBT hate group:

7-Eleven, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Airlines, American Girl, Blockbuster Video, Burger King, Calvin Klein, Carl’s Jr., Chobani, Clorox, Comcast, Crest, Ford, Hallmark Cards, Hardee’s, Kmart, Kraft Foods, S. C. Johnson & Son, Movie Gallery, Microsoft, MTV, Paramount Pictures, Time Warner, Universal Studios, DreamWorks, Mary Kay, NutriSystem, Old Navy, IKEA, Sears, Pampers, Procter & Gamble, Walt Disney, and PepsiCo.

None of those corporations seem to have succumbed.

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