Hate group American Family Association has new blog post up Thursday titled: “Parents beware: Schools annulling your ‘bigoted’ views.” It seems that every sanctimonious right wing organization is trying to make hay of that story about a kindergarten in California and a transitioning student.

A kindergartner at Rocklin Charter School Academywas in the process of transitioning from male to female. It is not anyone’s place to judge either the child or her parents. It’s not a fad and it’s not contagious. It is safe to assume that the child’s parents have consulted with experts and that the child has been objectively diagnosed. But we don’t have to assume anything. As a civil society we should accept the kid unconditionally and make life as easy as possible for someone who will be vulnerable and ego-fragile.

A very smart teacher and some school administrators made a very wise decision. At the end of the school year, the teacher explained in age-appropriate terms what being transgender means. Then the child went somewhere and changed into female clothes. The teacher explained that this is how she would look when the kids return to school after summer break.

This begat “concerned parents©.” It is hard to know whether or not these are organic samples. One of the favorite pastimes of the religious right is to manufacture victims. Another hate group, Pacific Justice Institute, has already gotten into the act. Others swam to the smell of blood in the water.

According to AFA:

Concerned parent #1: “I want [my daughter] to hear from me as a parent what her gender identity means to her and to our family – not from a book that may be controversial.”

Concerned parent #2: “My daughter went home crying, shaking. She was so afraid that she could turn into a boy.”

When did it become necessary to bow to the needs of idiots?

Concerned parent #1: We cannot solicit your approval and just because you fear that something might be controversial doesn’t mean that it is. You might feel that the science of evolution and climate change are controversial. They are not. Now you still have every opportunity to discuss gender identity with your child. A good place to start is to listen to what they have been taught.

Concerned parent #2: You should know that it is not uncommon for children to misunderstand something and become upset. Perhaps as a parent you have the intelligence and parenting skills necessary to adequately explain that she is not going to change into a boy. Is this the first adolescent irrational fear that this child has experienced? Cynically I might want to know if she was “crying and shaking” before or after the parent went unhinged.

With both of these parents I would like to know what they know about gender dysphoria and why people become transgender. Maybe they need to be part of the lesson plan before dealing with their children. There are two versions. There is one from medical science and another based on ancient texts (which is like dealing with the Tobacco Institute). Of course if you question their religious views that will inspire a First Amendment tirade no matter how spectacularly stupid and ignorant those views are.

Returning to AFA:

Speaking about this on American Family Radio on Wednesday, American Family Association executive vice president Ed Vitagliano said teachers and school systems do this on purpose.

What exactly do they do on purpose and why does this concerted experience exist in the first place:

“[About] 12 or 13 years ago, I was writing [for AFA Journal] about homosexuality in the schools – and almost across the board, these activists were saying: We can’t change the bigoted parents, but we can change the next generation – and we need to get them while they’re young before their parents’ bigoted ideas take root,” said Vitagliano.

Activists? Teachers and educators who know the science behind sexual orientation are activists? Anyone who doesn’t conform to the superstition is an “activist.” Moreover, there is some truth to that sentiment. Children can become smarter than their parents. They do not have to be ignorant fools.

“That is why they’re going after these young children,” he continued. “They want to twist the way they think to conform with the progressive mindset before their parents’ ideas set in.” Vitagliano went on to describe this as demonic.

I know, it is a shame to fuck up a perfectly good conspiracy theory. However, Mr. Ed seems to have overlooked the fact that this was in reaction to a very real child becoming transgender.

Meanwhile, the teacher in Rocklin stands by her actions, saying she was given the books by a student reportedly going through a transition. At one point, the student changed from one gender specific clothing to another.

“It was never my intent to harm any students, only to support them through a difficult situation,” the teacher told the school board meeting on Tuesday.

None of these people consider the comparison between what was done in the way of teaching and what would have happened otherwise. The same kid faced with a classmate who had changed from boy to girl might have come home equally upset that she might change into a boy. Other students might have been far more uncomfortable and the poor trans kid who never volunteered for anything would be marginalized and the object of ridicule and taunting. She still might but at least we can have a reasonable expectation that those potential bullies know better. Their parents are another story.

AFA and their cave dwellers cannot help themselves:

On that note, Vitagliano said many people are confused people on the issue of gender and gender identity.

“I’m not saying they’re demonic and I’m not saying that we should disrespect or harm them; but doing this with children, that’s demonic,” he clarified. “It’s part of the war against God. God made us male and female, and the progressive, secular left hates God – so they hate his order in biology.”

No Ed. No. Some children — not very many, but some — have a condition known as gender dysphoria. There is no medical intervention known to medical science that can reverse gender dysphoria (and you have no answers either). Gender dysphoria can cause severe depression and anxiety. According to an increasing body of peer-reviewed literature, gender affirmation can relieve those symptoms. Should a child be made to suffer because of some religious belief that probably dates back some 4,000 years? What should a parent do Ed? What? What would you do?

Wait. Don’t answer that last question. It might cause me to tear up and shake with appallment and anger.

There is also a quote from Karen England of Capitol Resource Institute:

So these kids, these five-year-olds – who aren’t even thinking about transgenderism – were actually read the book[s] I Am Jazz and then Red: A Crayon’s Story that says ‘I’m a red crayon, but I really am blue. They mislabeled me when they put me in the box.’ – basically promoting you can pick your gender just like a crayon is a different color.'”

Yet another mindless idiot with an opinion. What about any of this suggests that a child “picks” his or her gender. Were that the case there would be no transgender children. No child has ever made a decision to have gender dysphoria. The minuscule “Institute” doesn’t seem to be terribly resourceful.

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By David Cary Hart

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