Maintaining slavery and white supremacy represented the goals of the Confederate States of American. African-Americans take considerable offense to statues honoring slavers, insurrectionists and traitors.

Today, claims of honoring “Southern heritage” are nothing more than code for advocating white privilege. Those who say that the Civil War was about states’ rights are correct but the singular right that they seceded and fought for was permission to own other human beings whom they saw as inferior. This meme represents exclusion.

The rainbow flag is about inclusion. It conveys the simple message that LGBT Americans are the equal of all other Americans. And they are unless you happen to be a Christian crackpot in the employ of a hate group who seems to think that they have some sort of gotcha.

At American Family Association’s “news” blog, Steve Jordahl writes: “Turning the tables on left-wing ‘tolerance’.”

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” so the saying goes. And the goose is getting cooked at a high school in Alabama.


Students and parents at Auburn High school are turning the tables on liberal snowflakes by demanding that the school remove a homosexual-friendly rainbow flag from a teacher’s classroom.

The demand comes at the same time that Leftists are defacing and tearing down Civil War memorials, and also attacking monuments honoring our Founding Fathers, in the name of diversity and tolerance.

Jordahl does not realize that this signifies his embrace of the Civil War memorabilia as something patriotic. American Family Association, a designated hate group, is based in Tupelo, Mississippi. There is nothing patriotic about lionizing traitors. In stark contrast the rainbow flag expresses the American cultural ideal of civil equality. The fact that Jordahl considers us inferior because we are sinners according to his brand of religion is irrelevant. Americans insist on maintaining our democracy as a secular institution.

Moreover, the fact that some misguided people want a symbol of equality removed has absolutely nothing to do with wanting symbols of division and treason removed. No reasonably rational person should be offended by the rainbow flag while many people are offended by Confederate shrines.

The “tolerance” promoted by the Left is often reserved solely for their views, however, so a petition to remove the rainbow flag at Auburn High states that it’s “unprofessional for a teacher to so openly express and subject students to his or her personal political views.”

What? The teacher has offended transphobic and homophobic bigots who are championing some falsely romantic notion about the Civil War? All views are not equal and all views do not deserve a forum. The notion, for example, that the Holocaust is a myth is not a respectable point of view. Neither is the idea that LGBT kids are inferior. Science settles both of those notions.

Enter hate group leader Porno Pete:

“Of course flying an LGBT activist rainbow flag in the classroom creates a hostile and provocative learning environment,” observes Americans for Truth leader Peter Labarbera, whose organization exposes homosexual activism. “So I’m glad these students are adopting the tactics of the Left to at least make the classroom neutral.”

Neutral? As if bigotry represents a respectable opposing point of view. Well, that is not the case. LaBarbera should worry more about filing personal and organizational tax returns (his Americans for Truth About Homosexuality is no longer tax exempt).

OneNewsNow reported more recently on a Florida high school, where a lesbian teacher went unpunished for telling students to remove their religious jewelry and for decorating her classroom with pro-homosexual propaganda.

Except that is a lie. She wasn’t punished because the accusations proved false. She did nothing wrong.

“I think there is such a rising resentment against the Left and its one-sided political correctness,” LaBarbera says. “I think people are tired of it.”

I guess that LaBarbera can divine that from Trump’s approval ratings. Perhaps public support of marriage equality.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.