Keith Fournier of Chesapeake, VA is a deacon of the Catholic Church who is also a lawyer and occasionally special counsel to the hate group, Liberty Counsel. Additionally, Fournier has co-authored anti-LGBT articles with the hate group’s leader, Mat Staver. Fournier controls two small nonprofit organizations: Common Good Foundation and Common Good Alliance.

Thursday, Fournier is bent out of shape over, as he puts it: “Canada’s Gender X Passports and the Denial of Sexual Difference.” As you can tell, Fournier is terribly confused. Please bear with me for it is worth remembering that exactly one year ago today Fournier was still ranting about Obergefell v. Hodges. According to him, the decision in Obergefell was a travesty that would lead to the legalization of polygamy. 26 months have elapsed since the Obergefell decision and there is no case making its way through the federal courts that could legalize polygamy.

Staver and Fournier

These two dishonest cranks

deserve each other

Another recurring theme of Fournier’s is that natural law “must inform the civil and criminal law, or a nation soon devolves into tyranny and anarchy.” Depending upon your view of the Trump administration Fournier might have been prescient.

Fournier and Mat Staver co-authored a batty bit of sophistry claiming that “Faithful Christians Cannot Be Judges in Ohio.” That is untrue. In Ohio, if a judge chooses to perform opposite-sex marriages, he or she is compelled to perform same-sex marriages. Simple and nondiscriminatory policy. These folks love nothing more than victimhood.

Fournier’s fans will be delighted with today’s high dive into the shallow end of the intellectual pool.

Compelling Society to Deny the Truth

Supporters of the Gender Identity Movement claim we have the ability to choose our own gender. They have set in motion a huge cultural revolution. Using the courts and legislatures, as well as major media and Facebook, they seek to compel those who disagree to deny the truth. People who believe in the difference between the sexes face abuse and discrimination. Even prosecution.

Ah, that word “truth.” Did truth apply to his and Staver’s depiction of the qualifications to be a judge in Ohio? The fact that there is no “Gender Identity Movement” and the absence of some sinister conspiracy, would take a terrible toll on Fournier but that is the simple truth. Are there more trans youth than ten years ago? Yes. However, that is only because medical clinicians devoted to research and science have modified the treatment protocol, allowing younger sufferers of gender dysphoria to socially transition.

Some people are only happy if they can blame the Human Rights Campaign or George Soros or the ACLU for things that they don’t approve of. In this case the “blame” falls on institutions like Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins and the National Institutes of Health, to name just a few.

Now that we have done away with conspirators (whose only goal, we all know, is to marginalize Christians) we must deal with the second part of that same sentence. My fantasy is to tie this guy to a chair and subject him to the receiving end of a megaphone three inches from his face with which I can repeatedly shout: No one chooses their gender — dummy! If people could choose their gender there would likely be no transgender people. People who have gender dysphoria are suffering with severe anxiety and depression precisely because they cannot choose their gender. Ball peen hammers to hard heads would not cause that logical concept to sink in because it contradicts those ancient chronicles which have enslaved so many people.

Ridicule, I concede, accrues to people are are too dense or too willfully ignorant to even attempt to understand medical science. That is just too damned bad. They can all hold a pity party. Why should a minority group have to suffer at the hands of ignoramuses and morons?

Let me be perfectly clear. That minority group is not persecuting or discriminating against Mr. Fournier. Mr. Fournier and his ilk are persecuting and seek to discriminate against that minority group. Fournier’s attempts to reverse the direction of that vector are depraved efforts to foster a political outcome to a religious belief. It is an outright lie. That kind of persecution and discrimination is particularly reprehensible since so many of its victims are children and the malcontents are authority figures.

Fournier goes on to write about that California kindergarten class. The teacher did precisely the right thing. It has nothing to do with Fournier’s claims and I cannot write about it again. The fuss from those poor persecuted Christians over something so perfectly logical absolutely sickens me.

Misusing the Body

What’s called “sex change” or “gender reassignment” surgeries is another example. Removing a person’s genitals and giving them artificially constructed ones does not change the reality of who they are.

Men and women are designed to conceive children together. Women are designed to bear them. People with artificial genitals can’t do that. For example, a transexual woman may look like a male, but she can’t generate sperm as a real male does. The appearance must be sustained by massive doses of synthetic hormones.

Fournier is correct in his first paragraph. Sex-affirming procedures provide relief by conforming someone’s physical appearance to who they really are. Fournier didn’t mean it that way of course. The ability to make babies has no bearing on who we are as people. Any idiot can crank out a kid. It is an absurd notion that is used to underscore nonsensical religious beliefs. Procreative marriage was employed as a prime reason to deny legal marriage equality to gay couples. No one bought it in any of the myriad courts that heard cases prior to, and including, Obergefell.

Every human cell shows us whether we are male or female. That is a given. It is a gift. Removing the real genitals isn’t helping someone become who they truly are. It’s mutilating them.

While I have this schmuck tied to my chair I would use that bullhorn again to shout Sex and gender are two different things — dummy!

And finally, at least for me:

The American College of Pediatricians sees this. They strongly condemned such surgeries for children. They called on “healthcare professionals, educators and legislators to reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex. Facts — not ideology — determine reality.”

Infuriating. Fournier knows that ACPeds is a minuscule splinter group (and a designated hate group). It does not speak for the real peer organization, the American Academy of Pediatrics. He also knows — or should know — that children are not candidates for gender-affirming surgery. ACPeds’ president, Michelle Cretella is a conservative Catholic crackpot who has no answers and no alternatives other than pseudo-scientific so-called reparative therapy which doesn’t work and is often harmful. Cretella would prefer that children suffer in order for her world to conform to those ancient chronicles.

For his part, Fournier is content to repeat anything that deludes him into thinking that scripture has all of the answers. He convinces himself and then tries to convince others. Others will subscribe to theories that they like with relative ease.

Scripture does not have, and has not had, real answers for thousands of years. Scripture is no more helpful in the treatment of gender dysphoria than L. Ron Hubbard’s e-meter or a Hasidic rebbe twirling a freshly decapitated chicken. The Moonies have no answers. Neither do Muslims or Hindus. At least Hindus have venerated transgender people for over a thousand years.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.