This is the photo which appears atop Mainwaring’s latest post.

Clearly it shows the existence of a poster that the genius claims doesn’t exist.

He claims that it was Photoshopped.

Five years ago Doug Mainwaring was National Organization for Marriage’s chew toy. He was “the gay man who opposed gay marriage.” Brian S. Brown schlepped Mainwaring around the nation to testify in opposition to same-sex marriage. Apparently Mainwaring had married his ex-lesbian wife in a sham marriage, left the union for about ten years and then decided that he was lonely so he returned to the marriage. They have a couple of kids who are probably neurotic due to the inconsistency. Mainwaring, by the way, is a professional conservative Catholic.

Now Mainwaring writes stories for the orthodox Catholic (and quite nutty) LifeSiteNews. They have all been victimized, again.

An Australian television station has come under fire for trying to
pass off a fake anti-”gay marriage” poster as a real news story.

This occurred as Australia’s national mail-in ballot concerning the legalization of same-sex marriage is about to begin.

According to multiple reports, Australia’s Channel 10 came across a
photo tweet of an alleged anti-LGBT poster. But when they sent
journalists out to locate the offending poster and to film it, it was
nowhere to be found. 

The fact that Mainwaring does not like the story doesn’t equate to “coming under fire.” MetroNews claims: “Homophobic posters spotted all over Australia.” According to The Daily Mail: “The hateful image was spotted in Heffernan Lane in the heart of Melbourne’s central business district on Saturday.” Is Mainwaring claiming that the image atop his story is a fake? Based on what evidence?

Mainwaring does not provide a link to any of those “multiple reports.” Moreover, it is quite probable that some of those posters were torn down. If an anti-Semitic group put up posters alleging that “Kikes kill children to get their blood for their satanic sacraments,” those would be torn down as well.

The only thing that makes me doubt the validity of those posters is the absence of the usual spelling errors. has a photo of a similar poster with similarly false information:

They also have a letter that was stuffed into mailboxes falsely claiming that “the number of victims being raped in public female changing rooms and bathroom in those countries that has passed the same sex marriage legislation is a stunning fact to all!” But we are just making this all up.

There is more but, just to be an exclamation point on this, a group has claimed responsibility for the posters: Neo-Nazi group Antipodean Resistance has claimed responsibility for a poster spotted in Melbourne that claims “gay marriage enables paedophilia” and “gay couples are thirty times more likely to molest children.”

“But the frenzied untruths that followed — with photographic evidence
even faked by Channel 10 — only confirm the gay-marriage lobby and
their media mates are the real hatemongers,” observed
“In fact, the only thing that could lose them the postal vote is their
bullying — the lies, abuse, threats, violence and misuse of power that’s
marked their ‘yes’ campaign … If we let them win, what next will they
do to us?”  

Those figures on that offensive posters are the handiwork of Paul Sullins. They are his numbers from his “research.” Sullins has been widely discredited and he has a minor conflict of interest: Aside from being an intellectual whore, Sullins is a Catholic priest. His most recent revelations were published to Depression Research and Treatment by Hindawi Publishing Corporation in Cairo, Egypt. It is an
open access, single blind journal (reviewers are anonymous—authors are
known to reviewers).

Mainwaring does provide some links to the right wing No of those work.

Trying to cast marriage equality advocates as bullies and malcontents is a familiar tactic. It is a way of attempting to deflect abhorrent bigotry. Yet those advocates are the marginalized minority group while the Catholic Church has endless funds and legions of the faithful.

Once again, as we have seen before, the Church is heavily invested in marriage discrimination. We must all be subservient to their catechism.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.