Portland Mayor Kenneth Wilber
Kenneth Wilber

Portland Tennessee Mayor Kenneth Wilber thinks that female impersonators are adult entertainment. Would the person who is forcing Wilber to attend drag shows please let me know? Seriously. I would like to know who is so successful at coercing a conservative Christian and how they are doing it. The methodology would seemingly have enormous potential.

According to the highly informed folks at LifeSiteNews:

Portland City Council acted on addressing the citizens’ concerns by crafting a law that, if passed, would relegate drag shows to the city’s industrial zones, removing them from residential or business areas.

It all came about when Elite Drag Star Productions put on two successful drag queen shows at the Envy Bar on Main Street this summer. In drag shows, men dress as women to impersonate them, often in sexual ways.

Portland Mayor Kenneth Wilber said he and city council members received several phone calls from concerned citizens about “not wanting this in our community.”

There are probably all sorts of things that those rubes — concerned citizens — don’t like including gays and transgender people; evolution and the concept of man-made climate change. Portland, Tenn, population 11,933, is just off the Kentucky state line. It is home to the Tennessee Christian Psychiatric Group.

On Friday, ACLU of Tennessee sent the city a letter on behalf of the drag shows’ producers.

Courts have held that government can impose reasonable restrictions on adult entertainment. However, the letter states, “Artistic expression is not sexual or erotic in nature simply because it involves male or female impersonators and, therefore, it cannot be regulated like ‘adult-oriented businesses.’”

In a news release, the ACLU’s legal director, Thomas H. Castelli says: “The First Amendment protects freedom of speech and expression, no matter what you are wearing.”

Father Mark Hodges at LifeSiteNews goes on to write:

Many were concerned that the drag shows were not family friendly, and that the events also served as an occasion for promiscuous hookups and to propagate homosexuality.

“Propagate” mind you. Hodges is an imbecile.

Mayor Wilber supported the ordinance’s proposed addition.

“The values of our community are reflected in the ordinance. We do not want those types of things in our normal business district, so I support it 100 percent,” he said.


Some Christians believe that it is immoral for a man to dress as a woman. They cite Deuteronomy 22:5 where it says: “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this.”

Then don’t perform in a drag show. Problem solved. Who is being compelled to do exactly what that is offensive to their religious beliefs? Whatever happened to the Establishment Clause? If these conservative Christians would simply mind their own damned business …

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By David Cary Hart

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