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MassResistance Texas has “organized” a seminar in November called Teens4Truth—Countering the LGBT Agenda. Gay and trans conversion therapy seems to be at least one version of their truth. Conversion therapy has no scientific basis; is rejected by every mainstream professional medical and counseling peer organization and is known to be potentially harmful.

Some highlights:

  • Anti-LGBT Houston pastor, Dave Welch, will explain what the Bible says about being LGBT. What would an anti-LGBT seminar be without some Bronze Age wisdom?
  • Robert Oscar Lopez (as Bobby) make an appearance with “Answering the LGBT Agenda in Churches & Schools: A Real Education.” Bobby is desperately in need of some effective therapy.
  • Caryl Ayala, a retired Austin kindergarten teacher, is there to explain how the pernicious LGBT agenda has infiltrated school curricula. Ayala has been making the rounds to explain just how unfair it is to expect teachers to treat LGBT students with respect.
  • Ellie Klipp is the author of an anti trans book for parents to explain to their children (with illustrations) why they are confined to their natal sex. The fact that her views conflict with a half-century of science seem irrelevant. Her topic about the conflation of sex and gender. Klipp has the potential to kill some kids with her willful ignorance.;
  • Brian McAuliffe is new to the hate scene. McAuliffe is an investment advisor with Personal Economics Group and an anti-abortion zealot/Christian life coach. His presentation is titled: “The Reward of Real Love.” Presumably his contention is that gay couples do not really love each other.
  • Gregory Mertz claims to be the director of the CitizenGo Foundation which seems implausible (the US affiliate is minuscule and files its tax return by e-postcard). CitizenGo is based in Madrid and is probably an Opus Dei front group. It has close ties to National Organization for Marriage. Mertz is currently running for the Greensburg, PA (pop 14K) city council. Mertz is there to explain how to organize advocacy endeavors. Why he is doing this and how he got there is unknown as is his expertise.
  • Jonathan Saenz makes an appearance to explain how those dastardly gays have destroyed religious freedom. Saenz has been an anti-gay crusader ever since his wife left him for another woman. He heads Texas Values in Austin.
  • Rounding things up is conversion pseudo-therapist David Pickup. Pickup is there to answer (for students) “all your LGBT questions.” I am certain that they will receive scientifically sound information from the 18th century.
  • Finally, Texas State Senator Donna Campbell makes an appearance to assure attendees just how wonderful they are for participating in a hate group’s enterprise.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.