Hate group leader Tim Wildmon
Hate group leader Tim Wildmon

The odious American Family Association is designated a hate group for good reasons. Among those reasons is the promotion of the idea that gay people are second-class citizens.

Today on their fake news blog the busy bigots warn: “Birmingham bakers beware: your city goes ‘inclusive.’” It seems that they are always warning about some pernicious “agenda” of gay people.

Supplied with millions of dollars, homosexual activists are attempting to win the “red” state of Alabama one city at a time.

Mirroring action in other cities, Birmingham recently adopted an anti-discrimination ordinance that establishes homosexual-friendly protections at the expense of Christian-run businesses and even religious institutions.

Supplied with millions of dollars AFA — a Christian supremacy activist organization — is promoting anti-LGBT bigotry and discrimination. We know what AFA’s finances look like. They have no evidence to support their estimate of funding to engender Birmingham’s nondiscrimination ordinance. For all they know the push came from Birmingham businesses that want to attract diverse talent. Business loathes discrimination.

How the city arrived at the ordinance is less irrelevant than the fact that it reflects the will of the people. Ordinances are crafted by the representatives of the people and signed into law by a mayor elected by those same people.

The overwhelming majority of Christians agree that nondiscrimination ordinances protecting LGBT people pose no threat to them. Some Christians insist that they require the right to discriminate. What it really boils down to is a perceived need to demonstrate their disapproval.

Predictably there is no protection for businesses owned by Christians and limited exemptions for churches. One example is that churches can hire committed Christians for religious positions but cannot discriminate against homosexuals for other positions such as church-run daycares.

Businesses do not require a license-to-discriminate which AFA euphemistically frames as “protection.” Citing “church-run daycares” is the way that a hate group blows a dog whistle that gay people pose a danger to children. It is disgusting. AFA’s leader, Tim Wildmon, has no shame when it come to denigrating gay people.

Southern Baptist minister Tommy Littleton says he was present for a public hearing and council vote, where the ordinance passed unanimously with two council members absent.

There you go. The democratic process at work.

Asked how a city in a conservative state could pass such a controversial ordinance, Littleton says the Human Rights Campaign and other liberal groups have descended on Alabama and spread an estimated $8.5 million around the state.

HRC, a homosexual lobbying group headquartered in Washington, D.C., has made no secret of its plan announced in 2014 to lobby elected leaders in “Bible Belt” states such as Georgia, Mississippi and Arkansas.

These folks can add hypocrisy to to the bigotry. AFA directly funds an effort to put conservative pastors on those city councils. And, yes, HRC is working hard to provide sexual minorities with the same rights that everyone else enjoys. What is wrong with that?

Birmingham’s city council’s president, Johnathan Austin, told an Alabama newspaper that the ordinance is “just one step towards making the city of Birmingham a more inclusive and open community for all citizens.”

Yet bakers, florists and others have run afoul of homosexual-friendly ordinances, or state laws in some cases, when the business owner’s religious faith clashed with laws pushed by homosexual activists.

They made the same religious excuses in opposition to desegregating. What AFA is saying is that they need to be able to discriminate so that a very small minority of Christians can withhold service from people they disapprove of. It is a manufactured right that is antithetical to constructive community values.

Along with new non-discrimination laws, a similar tactic is to create an “equal rights commission” or similarly named public body that is predictably staffed by homosexuals.

I suppose that the hate group has identified gay civil servants across the country. Moreover, they are suggesting that gay people cannot be fair and free of bias. Psychologists call that projection. It is what they do so they assign the same tendency to others. According to AL.com:

The ordinance also calls for the creation of a Birmingham Human Rights Commission. The 11-member body will include one appointee from each of the city council districts; a representative from a human rights non-profit organization; and a representative from a business or other employer with its principal location in the city.

Additional, non-voting members of the commission will include the chief of police or designee; the fire chief or designee; the city’s ADA compliance director of designee; and a member of council staff.

The commission is not involved in individual cases (as AFA seems to suggest). Rather it is involved with setting policy and priorities. By the way, from the same article regarding most Christians:

The Rev. Lindsey Becker, a local youth minister, said being open and vulnerable about who you are makes her a better employee, tenant, Christian, minister and as a servant for the community. She said this ordinance “is taking a stance and saying who you are is welcome. I think you will see that people in this community will become greater versions of themselves because they will be able to feel comfortable and empowered in who they are.”

Birmingham resident Takia Hudson was the only person to speak out against the ordinance based on his religious beliefs.

There is a very good possibility that the state legislature will attempt to preempt this ordinance. After all, it is Alabama. If, by some chance, the Democrat defeats Roy Moore in November, that might send a contrary message to state legislators. That prospect is rapidly becoming less of a long shot — even in Alabama.

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By David Cary Hart

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