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This is what Bill Donohue looks like when he is extremely gleeful

Bill Donohue (Catholic League) writes: “Severing Ties Between Christianity and Morality Is a Fool’s Errand.” Apparently there are no moral Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists or Hindus.  Granted, that is probably not what Blowhard Bill means but that is what he is saying. On the other hand he might just believe that the only truly moral people are Christians.

Donahue does provide some sobering information.

A survey by Statista reveals
that in Belgium 68 percent of the people  believe that religion does
more harm than good: Germany, Spain, Australia, Sweden, and Great
Britain all top 60 percent. No nation disagrees with this conclusion
more than Japan; only 26 percent agree that religion does more harm than
good. The world average is 49 percent; the figure for the U.S. is 39

A poll by the Pew Research Center found
that a record share of Americans now think it is not necessary to
believe in God to be moral. Fully 56 percent agree with this conviction,
while 42 percent do not. READ MORE HERE

That has Donohue very upset. The read more link at the bottom is to Donohue’s full piece at, one of L. Brent Bozell’s websites. Therein, according to Donohue:

Comparing people of faith to secularists, we find that the former have lower rates of depression, suicide, juvenile delinquency, crime, STDs, and the like. Moreover, no segment of the population is more likely to have higher rates of these dysfunctional conditions than those born out-of-wedlock.

Full of crap:

Donohue does not provide a source for his assertions about the supposed benefits of religion. Two psychiatrists wrote: “Being Religious or Spiritual Is Linked With Getting More Depressed” for the Huffington Post. They also reference peer-reviewed research:

A previous study by a team led by psychiatrists Michael King and Paul Bebbington, published in the ‘British Journal of Psychiatry’, found spiritual people were more likely than those who were neither religious nor spiritual, to have used or to have been dependent on drugs, suffered from generalised anxiety disorder, any phobia or any neurotic disorder.

Donohue digs deeper:

Belgians may think that religion does more harm than good, but their social house leaves much to be desired. Out of 42 nations studied by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED), Belgium had the 11th highest rate of out-of-wedlock births in 2014; in 1964 it had one of the lowest rates. Japan, by contrast, ranked 41st.

Now you understand why he referenced out-of-wedlock births earlier. In any event this is correlation in contrast to causation. For all Blowhard knows the rate would decline with less religion (and possibly more condoms). About half the citizens of Belgium claim to be Catholics.

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