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Anti-LGBT Christian Supremacist David Lane

Correction: In the original post Jason Taylor, a scheduled speaker, was misidentified as the NLFer. He is the pastor of Bar None Cowboy Church in Tatum, TX.

American Family Association (a hate group) is believed to be the principal source of funding for David Lane’s American Renewal Project. ARP is not a federally tax-exempt organization. David Lane is a political operative and Christian supremacist. His objective is to put enough pastors in public office to effect a theocracy in America.

Lane’s Issachar Training is named after one of the 12 tribes of Israel. According to 1st Chronicles 12:32

from Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do—200 chiefs, with all their relatives under their command;

Needless to say, these folks have a better understanding of ancient times than our current culture. They are attempting to make the irrelevant somehow relevant.

Lanes’ website is a challenge. He provides a cascade of clicks. However, the links are hard to find. There is no hidden meaning. This is probably nothing more esoteric than disorganized web design. At the opening page we get:

Missouri Pastors and Wives Only, December 2017

“Somebody’s values are going to reign supreme, our goal is to bring Biblical values to the public square. God is in the business of resurrection. We believe there’s going to be a resurrection of America.” Pastors, come join us and see why. Meals and lodging are complimentary for you and your spouse.

The first three sentences of the text are within quotes. There is no indication who is being quoted. I believe that is Lane quoting Lane. Fat Missouri ministers lured with free food and hotel. Who could resist? The next page (if you can find the link) provides, among other things, the following teaser from a July 29 post:

‘The Nation’s on the Line’: Newt Gingrich Has a Spiritual Warning for Pastors ‘There are a lot of people on the other side…who deeply want our values to be wiped out by making them, frankly, illegal, and who are deeply committed to changing America …’ 08-04-2017 Paul Strand WASHINGTON — Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich […]

Yes, of course. “They are going to make Christianity illegal. We are so terribly persecuted!” Finally on page three of the cascade we get the details. Actually, to register one has to go to a fourth page.

Missouri attorney general Josh Hawley is the featured speaker. I do not think that it is remotely appropriate for a sitting attorney general to participate in a dominionist Christian event. Of course, Trump addressed a gathering of hate groups this month so I suppose that anything goes. Missouri’s governor, Eric Greitens, is a Republican convert.

Here is the rest of the cast but first consider the considerable expenses that Lane is incurring by bringing these speakers, most of whom are not from Missouri, to this event plus the free meals and lodging for attendees:

  • David Brody is a CBN commentator.
  • Bill Federer is a Missouri native. He hosts Faith in History, a daily program on a religious network. He was a signatory to the discriminatory Manhattan Declaration.
  • Jason Taylor is the pastor of Bar None Cowboy Church in Tatum, TX.
  • E.W. Jackson is a Christian minister, an unsuccessful Republican politician and a piece of work. Jackson is a walking anti-gay hate group. Jackson claims that his abject bigotry was only directed towards more politically active gays and “fringe members.” Of past comments that homosexuality “poisons culture”, he clarified, “What I really said was that the gay rights movement, so called, the homosexual activists, engage in some behavior that is absolutely horrendous, and that’s true …” Keep digging that hole E.W.
  • Ken Graves is a conservative minister from Maine. He has claimed that Democrats are on the wrong side of God.
  • Rob McCoy is a conservative pastor from California. When his church bought a pre-school in 2009, he fired teachers who were not regular church-goers. Then the school bizarrely sued the teachers before they could sue the school. McCoy’s suit was dismissed with admonishment from the judge. McCoy is currently on the Thousand Oaks, CA city council after a failed attempt at an assembly seat. That is how these crazy people start.
  • Paul Curtman is a Republican member of the Missouri House of Representatives since 2010. He is a staunch conservative who briefly toyed with the idea of challenging Claire McCaskill. As a Christian Dominionist and would-be theocrat he seems to have flown under the radar.
  • Chad Connelly is a former chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party. He currently works for the RNC and had a failed bid for a U.S. House seat in 2016 — coming in fourth in the Republican primary. Connelly is the president of the Foundation for American Restoration, a Christian-based political organization. Its tax-exempt status was revoked in 2010 and never renewed (I updated Wikipedia accordingly).
  • David Barton is a pseudo-historian and Republican operative who asserts “Christian Nation©” mythology.
  • Laurence White is a conservative Lutheran pastor from Houston with political ambitions. He spouts what seems to be a phony PhD. “generations of lackadaisical spiritual stewardship, and a staunch disobedience to God’s word, have transformed the Land of the Free, into a doppelgänger of Hitlers’ Nazi Germany.”I loathe gratuitous Third Reich imagery exploiting the Holocaust.
  • Os Guinness is a British conservative Christian now living in Virginia.

This list would serve me better than Lunesta but that’s me. I am sure that Lane’s constituents will savor every crazy syllable. Let us be clear. This is an effort to turn the United States into a conservative Christian theocracy with a Christian version of sharia. These folks are wed to Christian nation nonsense and a sense of Christian entitlement.

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By David Cary Hart

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