Tim Wildmon
Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon incorporated,

among other things, a church

American Family Association (a hate group) and the Wildmon family have created quite a few organizations in Mississippi. The documents provide a wealth of information regarding associated individuals who might not be employed by AFA as well as email and home addresses.

These are just the going concerns. AFA and the Wildmons have created a number of organizations that have been dissolved. It is virtually impossible to determine if any of these are separate from AFA as family run enterprises.

  • AFA Action
  • American Renewal Project
  • Arlington Group
  • Bright Light
  • Center for Behavioral Pediatrics
  • Choose Life
  • Christian Music Institute
  • LifeLine Fellowship
  • Ministry to the Non-Christian Immigrant
  • Mississippi Autism Foundation
  • Mississippi Homeschool Activities Association
  • Putting America to Work
  • Rides for Jesus
  • Waymark

AFA Action is the only one of the above to be federally tax-exempt. It is a 501(c)4. All of these are state tax exempt which makes them exempt from sales and possibly other taxes.

I have written about David Lane and American Renewal Project as recently as yesterday. Arlington Group might still an important coalition of religious-right leaders. It has been opaque since inception.

LifeLine Fellowship was organized as a church. In my world that is known as the Synagogue of the Immaculate Exemption. Tim Wildmon is the incorporator. The domain has expired so who knows? Without being a 501(c)3 it is hard to determine how the tax code is exploited or if it is exploited at all.

Back in the day Don Wildmon took the parsonage double-dip. The old prick’s housing was paid by AFA but it was not a taxable benefit. At the same time, if he had a mortgage, he could deduct the interest from his federal taxes. They might be rubes when it comes to science but they have been shrewd with money.

David Lane seems to have a great deal of money funding his enterprise. A logical assumption might be that AFA is accepting donations to American Renewal Project in order to make them tax deductible. The legality of doing so depends upon the total amount as a percentage of AFA’s revenues. Even then the code is somewhat ambiguous. AFA might be a financial conduit to some or all of the above.

Some of these entities are deliberately not 501(c)x organizations in order to limit disclosure requirements. The only possible way of figuring out how the money moves around is to sue AFA for good cause and then to subpoena the records of these entities which means persuading a judge that they are pertinent.

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By David Cary Hart

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