Kim Davis and Mat Staver
Kim Davis and Mat Staver

Davis gushing with all the attention being paid her

On Monday it was determined, after appeal, that Kentucky taxpayers were on the hook for legal fees caused by Kim Davis’ defiance of the law. The tab is now $224,703.

Hate Group Leader Mat Staver (Liberty Counsel) does not represent the state of Kentucky. Mat Staver and Liberty Counsel represent Kim Davis, the moronic Rowan County clerk who thought that it was perfectly fine to deny marriage licenses to gay couples in spite of their constitutional right to marry.

Last July United States District Court Judge David Bunning determined that Kentucky owed the ACLU its legal fees to prosecute its case against Davis on behalf of gay couples denied equitable treatment at Davis’ hands. This came as a shock to Staver because it confirmed that he had lost the case in spite of the fact that he had been crowing that Davis prevailed. Davis did not prevail and that upset Staver.

Staver appealed the decision, asking Judge Bunning to reconsider his decision. Only a pro-bono law firm could do this because no paying client of a regular lawyer would spend the money to defend a third party, a point not lost on Judge Bunning who wrote:

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is liable for plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees and costs because defendant Kim Davis acted on behalf of the Commonwealth when she refused to issue marriage licenses.

At most, third-party defendants have simply — and improperly — re-argued matters that have previously been decided. That third-party defendants wish to avoid liability for plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees and costs hardly renders the circumstances extraordinary.

Bunning politely told Liberty Counsel lawyers that they do not know what the fuck they are doing.

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