This all has a very family ring to it. It represents the same pseudoscience used to attack LGBT people.

Thursday’s headline from American Family Association reads: “Mom jailed for not vaccinating her son” by Chris Woodward. It appears in the org’s news blog under the section “Science and Tech.” For starters, mommy was jailed for not obeying a court order. Mommy (Rachel Bredow of Michigan) is also an imbecile.

The “reasoning?”

Bredow has since been released … Bredow did not want to immunize her son with vaccines that were cultured using aborted fetal tissue.

As a result, Right to Life of Michigan supports Bredow’s right of conscience in refraining from using those vaccines.

“There is absolutely no question that a significant number of common vaccines are directly cultured using cells from aborted unborn children,” Right to Life of Michigan Legislative Director Ed Rivet asserted …

Even the Vatican has determined that the benefits of vaccines outweigh concerns over their development.

The facts:

There are two fetal cell lines that are used in the productions of vaccines

  1. MRC-5 was derived from a 14 week old fetus in 1966 in the UK.
  2. WI-38 was derived from a three month old fetus in 1962 in the US.

Vaccines produced from these lines include those that protect us from rubella, chickenpox, hepatitis A and shingles. The simple fact is that fetuses are not being aborted in order to produce vaccines. We are not causing abortions in order to extrude fetal parts through a meat grinder into petri dishes.

Here is another helping of BS pseudoscience:

Meanwhile, organizations such as Michigan for Vaccine Choice (MVC) support parental rights when it comes to vaccines.

“As a Christian myself, I am adamantly opposed to abortion,” MVC’s Connie Johnson shared. “It’s not the actual tissue that’s found in the vaccinations, but there are DNA fragments that cause a lot of problems when they’re inserted into another person. The DNA of a foreign person – going into your DNA – the body tries to absorb that DNA. It does cause some problems.”

The problem she is referring to is autism. The theory has been repeatedly debunked. It emerged as a means of deterring people from having their children vaccinated with vaccines derived from fetal tissue.

In other words, first came the biblical problem. Then came faux science to reconcile the problem with a predetermined outcome. It is the exact opposite of real science. Scientists start with an hypothesis which is subjected to tests (experiments). The outcome is determined through the result of those tests. Researchers are supposed to be agnostic with regard to the evidence elicited from experiments.

This nonsense is promulgated largely by two anti-abortion extremists and defenders of the faith: Theresa Deisher (who helped David Daleiden impersonate a biomedical representative to deceive Planned Parenthood) and Helen Ratajczak. Deisher is actually a scientist with a PhD in microbiology. Her anti-choice zealotry took charge at some point.

This post at ScienceBlogs explains this much better than I could. These religious fundamentalists have been something less than scientific in their methodology. The post is written by a highly respected scientist and surgeon, Dr. David H. Gorski.

The bottom line to all of this is that Christian fundamentalists have a desperate need to make science consistent with their faith. The problem of course is that faith is not science. That simple fact is abundantly obvious to all but the oblivious.

The unscientific methodology is identical to that used to persuade the parents of LGBT children that their kids have made a reversible choice. This becomes the foundation for anti-LGBT measures that pop up in state legislatures and even Agent Orange administration. It is willful stupidity.

Woodward concludes his post with this:

In 2015, ABC News reported on the link between aborted fetuses and vaccines, noting that “there is a grain of truth to this statement.”

The complete quote from ABC News:

There is a grain of truth to this statement. But even religious leaders, including a future pope, have said that shouldn’t deter parents from vaccinating their children.

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By David Cary Hart

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