The leadership of two anti-LGBT hate groups, American Family Association and Family Research Council, are terribly distressed that the Human Rights Campaign is evaluating municipalities based upon LGBT friendliness.

Tim Wildmon and Tony Perkins
Hate group leaders Tim Wildmon (American Family Association) and
Tony Perkins (Family Research Council)

This month HRC released the latest version of the Municipal Equality Index. The index rates municipalities on how welcoming and protective they are of LGBT citizens.

I have not done peer reviewed research on the MEI but assume that it has an effect on commerce. While we might constitute about 5% of the general population, it has been estimated that 40% to 50% of American families include one or more LGBT persons. Therefore, the MEI affects our tourism and our family gatherings.

Of greater importance is where corporations locate. They want to attract the largest pool of talent which is a national endeavor. In addition to the potential relocation of LGBT executives, the family factor is a consideration for many people. Someone with a gay son is more likely to relocate to a gay-friendly locale.

Say what you will about HRC but the Corporate Equality Index has had a measurable effect on how companies recruit and manage their personnel. Companies compete to attain perfect scores. Indeed many large companies hire people to effect LGBT friendly policies. Corporate America (mostly under the leadership of Republicans) loathes discrimination.

The Municipal Equality Index is starting to have an effect on the public policies of cities. That scares the living shit out of Tony Perkins and his ilk. According to American Family Association’s blog:

HRC – the same pro-LGBT activist group that
regularly attempts to demonize Christian organizations – partnered with
the Equality Federation Institute (EFI) to publish their Municipal
Equality Index (MEI) last week. They found that a record 68 cities
earned a perfect “100” score for enforcing or supporting policies and
practices that they deemed as inclusive to those in the LGBT community.

“Demonize?” The projection never ceases to amaze me. Criticizing groups that actually do demonize other people (LGBT citizens) demonizes the demonizers? AFA continues to provide double-talk worthy of the propaganda minister of the Russian Federation.

With every post that they write and every speech that they deliver, AFA legitimizes Southern Poverty Law Center’s designation of the organization as a hate group. They cannot help themselves:

Besides using the announcement as an opportunity to indirectly slam President Donald Trump for pushing pro-family laws protecting women and children from “transgenders” and other gender confused individuals, the pro-LGBT activist took advantage of this time to persuade businesses to adopt LGBT-friendly rules and regulations – and to relocate to areas in the nation that fully embrace an unbiblical lifestyle.

Who is it that is really confused? Trans folks or biblical literalists? Transgender people do not pose a threat to anyone. It is the other way around. Groups like AFA pose a threat to transgender people by — I dare say — demonizing them.

Later on (I am skipping through a great deal of verbose content):

Every year, the unbiblical anti-family wave of activism sweeping the U.S. continues to undermine and attack the protections and regulations that used to promote the safety of families holding to Christian or traditional values.

“Anti-family?” About half of American families have a close member who is LGBT. When did they cease to become families? “Safety” Who do they need protection from and why? “Unbiblical” means that we have to accept their book as authoritative. This reeks of the quest for Christian privilege by Christian supremacists.

The great Homosexual Agenda™ never fades from their collective memory:

Cities that refused to cave in to the homosexual agenda were also highlighted.

“Sita and Wasilla in Alaska; Moore and Stillwater in Oklahoma; Sheridan in Wyoming; Monroe in Louisiana; Southaven in Mississippi; Jefferson City in Missouri; Clemson in South Carolina; Mitchell and Pierre in South Dakota were the 11 cities that received a ‘0’ – or the lowest score possible,” CP’s Stoyan Zaimov pointed out.

If you think about it AFA is taking a spectacularly stupid position by claiming that cities that are more welcoming are caving to an agenda. It is not a zero-sum proposition. They are, in effect, trumpeting the bigotry of some cities that have told LGBT people that they are unwelcome. It is a virtual certainty that there are conservative Christians in some backwater like Stillwater who have gay children. Some of them eventually realize (despite the propaganda to the contrary) that their children are not gay because of bad parenting. Some of those people might start to see things a bit differently.

Some people in Jefferson City, MO have children with gender dysphoria. They come to realize that their book offers no solutions. We end up with a bifurcated citizenry: The Ignorant and The Knowledgeable. Groups like AFA are determined to keep people ignorant. It is easier for them to influence stupid people. Eventually we get to this nonsense:

Selling perversion in the name of ‘equality?’

EFI Executive Director Rebecca Isaacs claims that the agenda being pushed by the HRC and her LGBT activist group via their ratings system is spurring a new kind of so-called “human rights” or “civil rights” movement – a movement that she condemns President Donald Trump for opposing.

If hate groups would stop calling people who have different sexuality “perverts” then HRC and EFI would have less traction. I dare say, again, that AFA is — here’s that word again — demonizing LGBT people due to over-reliance on a book which also claims that the sun orbits Earth (among many other idiotic things).

Enter Tony Perkins

However, Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins insists that the misinformation such pro-LGBT groups peddle as facts will not go unchallenged – especially with a president in office who is not afraid to be politically incorrect and stand for family values rooted in biblical principles.

“Since SPLC and HRC can’t win on the facts, they use these labels to silence and denigrate their competition,” Perkins declared earlier this year. “But if they’re hoping to intimidate the Trump administration, they’ve got another thing coming. In case liberals haven’t noticed, the … president actually believes in what the Left says they do: diversity of opinion.”

Perkins says many colossally stupid things. This is among the most moronic. “Facts?” At the core of this idiocy is the notion that LGBT people choose to be LGBT. It is a scientific certainty — a fact — that no one chooses their sexuality. Perkins indulges in more projection and we have gone from demonization to denigration. FRC and AFA are rightly criticized for denigrating LGBT people. Apparently that criticism denigrates the denigraters. That makes no sense given that LGBT people are an historically persecuted minority group.

“Competition?” HRC and SPLC are in competition with FRC and AFA? Where did that come from? And this is not about diversity of opinion. Diversity of opinion presupposes that opinions are legitimate. Bigotry is not a legitimate opinion. Claiming that Jews are greedy or that blacks are unintelligent is not a legitimate opinion. Neither is the claim that LGBT people are perverts. Late on he calls us “libertines” as if that is more socially acceptable or less bigoted.

Claiming that an opinion is based on scripture does not make it a legitimate point of view. It is still bigotry. It is bigotry when scripture was, and is, used to demonize African-Americans, Muslims and Jews. It is bigotry when scripture is used to demonize gay and transgender people. That form of disparagement is based on prejudice and ignorance.

More projection ahead:

He [Perkins] went on to address the way pro-LGBT groups twist and reshape the media lexicon in order to push their radical agenda rooted in sexual libertinism.

“An even deeper problem is that these activists use the term ‘human rights,’ but have no clue what it means,” Perkins continued. “The fact that the Left claims that ‘sexual orientation’ and other terms are ‘human rights’ isn’t rooted in anything higher than their own assertion. What gives them the right to define what it means [a]nd why should their policy preference take preference? It doesn’t. Just because they cloak it as a ‘human right’ won’t make it so.”

Libertinism is just another way of calling LGBT people perverts. Perkins’ rhetoric is not enlightening. Not at all. We know perfectly well what human rights means. Among other things it means that LGBT people deserve the same dignity as anyone else including acceptance of the fact that their sexuality does not make them perverts. Nor does it define them as people.

Perkins’ entire line of specious reasoning relies on the utterly false idea that people  choose their sexuality. That, in turn, is based upon his interpretation of ancient texts — an interpretation that, I must add, is far from universally accepted.

Perkins is fighting for the legal right to discriminate. There is no valid reason why any LGBT person should be discriminated against in employment, housing or service in public accommodations. Religious belief is not a moral refuge for the indecency of bigotry. For 6,000 years or more, religious belief has been used to persecute one minority group or another. It has never been justified and it never will be justified.

These same Christians become apoplectic when Muslim majority countries discriminate against other Christians. The same indignation should apply to discrimination based upon sexuality. In fact more so given that being a Christian literalist is a choice. Sexuality is not a choice.

This nonsense ends with a torch moored in bullshit:

The conservative Christian leader ended by reminding Americans that the wellbeing and greatness of America is rooted in its Christian underpinnings – a fact he commended the president for acknowledging.

“The only solution is to search for a standard common to all human beings as derived from a higher authority,” Perkins impressed. “Christians and conservatives are uniquely able to offer this. Thank goodness the Trump administration recognizes that …”

This is Christian Nation© fetishism that is not based on fact. Furthermore, admiration of Mr. Trump automatically causes one to forfeit any stance based upon morality. Trump is interested in only one thing: The best interests of Donald John Trump. He is a sociopath whose only interest in Christianity is exploiting conservative Christians to support him. He believes that those same conservative Christians are unintelligent rubes. How could he ever arrive at that conclusion? I cannot determine whether Perkins is an idiot or a cynic — or both.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.