Everett Piper
To Everett Piper, truth means his religious beliefs irrespective of reality

Everett Piper is president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. I am not going to quote much from his Washington Times polemic but first he seems to be upset with the folks at Right Wing Watch:

I was recently criticized by Right Wing Watch (an organization that defines itself as a “project of People for the American Way”) for supporting Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council’s “record on issues including gender identity.”

Piper explains in more detail:

The specific statement, which apparently caused such angst was reportedly made on the radio broadcast, “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins,” where I said, “Why are we being silent in the face of a culture that is degrading and insulting a female by saying she’s not a biological fact, but [that] she’s nothing but a fantasy and a fabrication … ? [Shouldn’t we] defend the dignity and the identity of a woman? You can’t be a feminist if you deny the feminine. You can’t be pro-woman if women aren’t real.” My response to the claim by Right Wing Watch and People for the American Way that I said these alarming things: guilty as charged.

No, Mr. Piper. Your idiotic statement did not cause “angst.” It made you an object for ridicule.

Mr. Piper, a male, is speaking for females that do not exist. Transgender women are not “saying” anything. Rather, they are affirming their gender which mitigates the symptoms of gender dysphoria. Those symptoms can include sever depression and anxiety. In no way whatsoever does the existence of transgender women degrade and insult women. Nor does it call into question the natal sex of women. That is all a convenient fabrication in the absence of a meaningful argument.

The problem with Tony Perkins’ radio show (aside from the fact that he is a hate group leader) is the absence of counterpoint. If opposing views were present someone might try to explain to Mr. Piper that, according to medical science, gender and sex are two separate constructs. Furthermore, someone might put this into perspective with the understanding that a very small percentage of the population has incongruent sex and gender. Piper’s statement isn’t “alarming.” It is stunningly stupid and an expression of utter ignorance.

Eventually Piper concludes with this:

To those who cry that the above position discriminates against the biological men who want to avail themselves of women’s programs and privileges, as well as a woman’s privacy, I say, yes, Oklahoma Wesleyan University, indeed, does discriminate.


At OKWU, we are honored to stand with the likes of Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council. We are pro-woman and we are proud of it.

Ultimately Piper is proud of discriminating against people with a medical condition that he does not approve of. Since when is any medical condition subject to anyone’s approval? It makes no sense. Piper makes no sense. It is prideful ignorance from someone who influences young adults and who we expect to know better.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.