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Glenn Stanton did something that relatively few people are capable of doing. He actually graduated from University of West Florida — something that only 27% of the unrated school’s undergraduates manage to do. He has an MA from the same institution. Imagine my surprise:

Event at Eastwood Baptist to explore LGBT topics

The panelists are Dr. Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family; Andrew Walker, director of policy studies at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of Nashville, an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention; and Richard Nelson, director of the Commonwealth Policy Center.

I am certain that Mr. Stanton promptly attempted to correct the error.  This particular mistake seems to follow Stanton around. I wonder why that is.

Eastwood, by the way, is a neighborhood of Louisville, KY. According to the piece:

A Warren County church will tackle
one of the most controversial topics facing society and religious
institutions with a panel discussion called “Loving your LGBT neighbor
without losing your convictions” to be held Tuesday at the Eastwood
Baptist Church South Campus in Alvaton.

That is called having it both ways. Labeling us perverts while posturing as if they are not the rubes and bigots we know them to be. This all becomes quite evident:

Nelson, who has an opinion piece on the Commonwealth Policy Center
website called “Why Christians should love their LGBT neighbors,” said
Tuesday’s event will explore how Christians can balance their religious
convictions with the need to love all their neighbors.

Why bother with bullshit? Give Richard Nelson an opportunity to show his real intentions and, well, none of these folks are the world’s brightest bulbs:

“We come from the position that there are fixed truths about human sexuality,” he said. “It is a gift best expressed within marriage between a man and a woman.

“But I think it’s important that we have this conversation in a thoughtful, caring way.”

“Fixed truths” that are at odds with science are called superstition. Forgive me (I am ill and cranky) but having a thoughtful, caring conversation is not compatible with discrimination and disparagement based upon superstition. Adults do not really care but what are these yokels doing to LGBT youth?

My doctor has prescribed pain meds that wouldn’t anesthetize a goldfish. Tomorrow it is either new meds or new doctor. I have shingles on my right shoulder which also sports a partially torn rotater cuff. The two conditions are interacting.

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By David Cary Hart

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