Lou Iacobelli
Lou Iacobelli

Lou Iacobelli is a name that I have not seen before. Iacobelli is a retired teacher and a fierce Catholic. He has been on an anti-SexEd crusade for several years. Tuesday at LifeSiteNews Iacobelli writes: “Liberal politician: It’s ‘super-cruel’ to tell parents what kids are learning on LGBT at school.” Of course none of that is accurate. Somehow, in spite of all the self-righteous sanctimony, lying is permitted if it advances the anti-LGBT agenda of these professed orthodox Catholics.

Iacobelli cleans it up a bit in the first paragraph but it is still profoundly bigoted. It is a view based on slavish devotion to ancient texts absent critical thinking:

Have you heard what Alberta’s Premier Rachel Notley said about family life and parenting recently? That it’s “super-cruel” to inform parents that their child is a member of a gay/straight alliance in school. She has also stated in a desperate attempt to win a re-election that the new United Conservatives, led by Jason Kenney, will be harmful to gay children. She’s playing gender politics and using children as pawns. It’s also an open attack on Christians and anyone who disagrees with identity politics and the early (abuse) sexualization of children.

This goes on, and on, and on, in painful verbosity about parental rights. At issue is the fact that schools should not notify parents that their kid is in a gay-straight alliance. Parents do not need to know and children have a right to privacy. Some kids are terrified that their parents will find out that they are gay. In this country we have an enormous homeless problem caused by teens who get kicked out when they come out.

Some ignorant parents try to discipline their child with “tough love” that is supposed to make their gay kids straight. Then there are plenty of nuts and charlatans out there who claim to have the right alchemy. In both cases the only thing that the kid learns is how to lie to his or her parents — something that they might never have done in the past.

Fuck the so-called teachings of the Catholic Church:

  • Gay kids exist.
  • They are not “objectively disordered.”
  • Sexual orientation is not a choice and not subject to influence.
  • Nothing that a parent does is going to make their gay kid straight. Nor can children be inoculated.

If you want your kids to resent you later in life there is no better way to build discord than to reject them based on their sexual orientation. The only thing that a parent can accomplish is to push their child into a closet. That defines abuse — not their joining a gay/straight alliance.

As for Mr. Iacobelli, children’s safety, security and privacy has absolutely nothing to do with “identity politics.” The notion that gay/straight alliance clubs sexualize children is ignorantly obnoxious and preposterous. I am incensed by the spectacular stupidity.

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By David Cary Hart

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