Travis Weber
Travis Weber—Employed by anti-LGBT hate group Family Research Council

Travis Weber holds a law degree from Regent University School of Law. That and the fact that instead of practicing law he works for a hate group (Family Research Council) are telling. I will cut to the chase since I am in no mood to expound upon Weber’s intellectually mediocre piece at length. On Tuesday Weber has basically said that Jack Phillips should not have to obey Colorado’s nondiscrimination law because there are many bakeries in the Denver metropolitan area that would bake a same-sex wedding cake.

Oblivious seems to be my word for the day. Weber misses the point. It is extremely demeaning to have one’s self and one’s money rejected by a commercial establishment. That is one of the primary reasons for nondiscrimination laws in the first place. It is the act of discrimination that is repulsive, not necessarily the availability of goods and services.

Weber writes:

Given all these shops that are happy to create a wedding cake for a prospective same-sex couple, is it really necessary to force Jack Phillips to be the one to do so?

While the prospective customers may be offended at Jack’s beliefs, part of living in a free country is that we interact with people who believe differently than us.

Yet they can easily travel nearby and obtain the cake from someone else—someone happy to help create it.

One more fucking time. This is not about Jack Phillips’ beliefs. He is free to worship blue monkeys for all I care. This is about Jack Phillips’ actions which are illegal according to the laws of the state of Colorado. The Supreme Court is considering whether or not such nondiscrimination laws are constitutional. I strongly suspect that neither Mr. Weber nor Mr. Phillips are going to be pleased with the outcome.

Anything other than a ruling in favor of the state threatens to eviscerate every nondiscrimination law in the country including the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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By David Cary Hart

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