David Lane

David Lane is the most dangerous Christian supremacist in the United States. Lane, the highly secretive and influential Republican operative, enjoys a patina of respectability based upon his religious orthodoxy. However, Lane’s objective is un-American. He wants to re-shape America as a Christian theocracy obliterating the separation of church and state.

Heavenly Father’s Foundation might belong to Jesus (as the name suggests) but it was founded by Texas fracking billionaire Dan Wilks. Wilks determines where the contributions go and the foundation has assets close to $160 million.

In 2015 HFF forked over about $1.5 million to help finance David Lane’s American Renewal Project which aims to put conservative Christian pastors into public office. The idea is to turn America in something resembling Iran and there is no transparency to any of Lane’s initiatives. Does Dan Wilks fully understand what he is sponsoring?

The donation was provided to Lane’s patron, American Family Association. $1,086,931 was directed to Pastors & Pews Conferences which are run by American Renewal Project. These are the conferences restricted to pastors and their wives in which Lane attempts to motivate his audience to run for office. Those who do choose to run are trained by Lane and other Republican operatives.

The odd number suggests that Wilks reimbursed AFA. We do not have a date for the transaction and AFA is on a June 30 fiscal year. It is impossible to match up the numbers to AFA’s financial statements.

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An excerpt from Heavenly Father’s Foundation’s 2105 tax return

Another $425 thousand was directed to The Response conference, another American Renewal operation; one that is also is very secretive. Rick Perry’s 2011 prayer rally, organized by Lane, was called The Response. We do not know what Wilks is financing going forward.

American Renewal Project is registered in Mississippi as a nonprofit entity. David E. Wildmon (perhaps a typo) is listed as the incorporator. Lane is actually based in California. The project is not registered in California as either a charity or a foreign entity.

Lane is extremely anti-LGBT. With his sway over the Republican Party it is safe to say that he has enormous (and secretive) influence over government. We have the power to neuter this very creepy individual. All we have to do is to vote. It’s just that simple.

More on Lane at Southern Poverty Law Center.

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By David Cary Hart

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