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Hate Group Leader Tim Wildmon, American Family Association

Ah the Bohannon saga continues with a new email from American Family Association. As I wrote on November 9,
a senior NCO (E-7) in Air Force Colonel Leland B.H. Bohannon’s command was retiring. It is customary
for the commanding officer to thank the retiree’s spouse by letter. In
this case the NCO’s spouse is another man. Bohannon refused to send the
letter due to religious objections. He got a general to do so instead. Nevertheless, the retiree knew that he had been discriminated against and he filed a complaint.

The Air Force review board agreed and relieved Bohannon of command. Furthermore, his senior officer recommended against promoting Bohannon to brigadier general which was thought to be a certainty. Bohannon got a lawyer who appealed.

Think about this for a moment. Sending a courtesy letter to a man’s spouse creates a religious conflict? Suppose this guy didn’t like interracial or interfaith marriage. Would the same faulty logic apply to a Jewish man’s Christian spouse? Where does this schmuck get the idea that signing that letter constitutes his approval of the sergeant’s same-sex marriage? I will tell you where. These folks are obsessed with the notion that we are desperate for their approval. Therefore, any meager acknowledgment constitutes capitulation to the Homosexual Agenda™ which they cannot do. They lose perspective and become extremely petty as a result.

On November 21, American Family Association launched a petition drive to get Bohannon reinstated. AFA is an anti-LGBT hate group.

Today’s email from AFA yields some important information:

He appealed the decision, but Col. Bohannon was denied the appeal by Brig. Gen. Paul W. Tibbets IV, deputy commander of Air Force Global Strike Command at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana.

The petition didn’t work so let’s add some more signatures or maybe a new petition. I cannot figure out what these imbeciles are doing. They are not exactly geniuses. The email by the way bears the subject: “Air Force punishes Christian officer for standing on God’s word.”

God’s word according to whom exactly? If we take scripture literally (and seriously) the ancient ones prohibited homosexuality (perhaps). They also called for the murder of insolent children and brides who are not virgins. What kind of deity would condone any of this? Should those things be legal? Even if we accepted the prohibition on homosexuality as applicable, how does that translate into an obligation to be discourteous to anyone?

According to the Old Testament Bohannon should not marry another man. Where does it say anything beyond that? Yet, according to AFA, this rudeness and unprofessional conduct not befitting a senior officer is required (the weird formatting is per the original):

Sign the petition to demand the Air Force to:

restore and protect Colonel Leland Bohannon’s Constitutional right to freely exercise his religious beliefs by reversing the complaint against him and removing any unfavorable remarks from his record related to this complaint.

Where does the Constitution even hint at the idea that Free Exercise permits conduct unbecoming an officer or that Free Exercise allows for intentional discourtesy? The military is now a diverse organization. How can anyone be a commander if they are an anti-gay bigot? Religion is not a reasonable excuse for bigotry. As Justice Scalia once wrote, if we alter public policy in accordance with everyone’s ideology then everyone becomes the law unto themselves. Bohannon is lucky if they let him retire as a full colonel.

Congress made gay military personnel the equal of straight military personnel. Much to their credit the military has acted accordingly. When the abolishment of Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell was still under review, the Commandant of the Marine Corps was a fierce critic. About a year later he admitted that he had been wrong. He did not have to do that but he was a man of character and integrity. The United States military has often led the way to social change and they are doing so again.

Hate group leader Tim Wildmon signed this email. It concludes with a request for money. Imagine that.

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