The Washington Times is controlled by a toxic cult

Cheryl K. Chumley at the Washington Times will repeat just about anything from the right wing and Christianist echo chambers without independent verification. How we treat transgender and gender nonconforming kids is far more important than Chumley or her factual errors. Chumley’s opinions in that regard are as absurd as her factual incompetence. I will deal with both.

Friday, Chumley writes: “Delaware parents show teeth and halt gender self-ID in tracks.” That is incorrect. The only thing that ended is the comment period on Regulation 225 which, among other things, addresses the needs of trans youth. According to the Delaware Education Department on December 5:

The public comment period for proposed 225 Prohibition of Discrimination Regulation closed yesterday. The department received more than 11,000 comments, which deserve careful review before a decision is made. Secretary Bunting is asking the Development Team to reconvene in January to review the comments and make recommendations for changes to the regulation.

Ms. Chumley would know this if she had an ounce of intellectual curiosity.

The public comments (at least some of them) are online. Many are downright delusional. Yet, these are expressions of irrational fear. It causes me to wonder if the department failed to properly educate parents. Are they even educable? Some may be so ingrained with religion-based thinking that they are like cultists who need deprogramming.

It bears repeating that no child volunteers to be transgender. It is, however, the only thing that gives the kid relief from the enormous stresses of gender dysphoria. Do these parents actually believe that a kid is going to present as the opposite sex because of some fad or fashion statement? Getting back to Ms. Chumley:

Parents in Delaware, apparently tired of the ridiculousness, took on education bureaucrats and told them, in no uncertain terms — and on the wings of 8,000-plus signed petitions — that a rule allowing kids in grades K-12 to self-identify their sexes without parental permission or even notification, did not meet with their approval.

And in a kudos-worthy moment, the parents won.

Doing a search on Regulation 225 reveals a number of blog headlines like:

Proposed Education Regulation 225 Will Allow Delaware Students To “Self-Identify” Their Gender And Race Without Parent’s Knowledge Or Consent

This seems to ape this post from Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins at Heritage Foundation’s blog:

Delaware Considers Letting Students Decide Race, Gender Without Parents’ Permission

Apparently a child needs permission to have gender dysphoria because parents can somehow cure the condition in defiance of medical science. How about the kid whose parents are complete cultists. He cross-dresses in school to relieve the terrible anxiety and depression, at least for a few hours on week days. They want the school to inform the parents. So that they can do what exactly? Punish the child? Pray?

When Chumley writes about parents who are tired of ridiculousness, it is she and those very same parents who are promoting ridiculous theories based on ignorance or religion rather than medical science. Up is down and left is right, all based on a belief system when the scientific evidence is alternately compelling.

I find this very frustrating and, frankly, infuriating.

A dysfunctional education system is one in which the schools, also known as The Government, think they know better than parents how to raise the youth, and therefore, demand the caretakers coalesce and cater to whatever whims and regulations that meet their Ivy League-like approval.

Well, the wheels were spinning down the proper paths in Delaware.

Maybe they do know better. At least in theory, the people who run our schools have the education and experience to know what is best for our children in terms of the educational environment.

There is a very interesting article in HuffPost regarding Christian schools and just how poorly they prepare kids for the real world.

Growing up in private evangelical Christian schools, Bishop [a young woman] saw the world in extremes, good and evil, heaven and hell. She was taught that to dance was to sin, that gay people were child molesters and that mental illness was a function of satanic influence. Teachers at her schools talked about slavery as black immigration, and instructors called environmentalists “hippie witches.”

Is that what these parents want? Maybe.

Delaware Family Policy Council took up a petition drive to oppose the policy. And get this: They actually won.
“Students [under this policy] may claim or ‘self-identify’ as the opposite gender at any time and have access to the locker rooms, showers, restrooms, overnight accommodations and any school activity (sports team) that is gender specific,” the group put out, in a statement reported by Breitbart.

The LGBTQ crowd is crying discrimination, of course.

At least now we know the source of Chumley’s misadventure. She assumes that information is accurate from an outlet (Breitbart) even less reliable than hers.

This LGBT person and observer is not crying and my concern is not discrimination per se. My concern is for the best interests of a very small minority that is particularly fragile and vulnerable. Properly treated, these kids can be confident; self-assured.

But that’s the classic LGBTQ lie. How is it safe to have boys, just minutes before gym class, decide they want to self-identify as girls, and therefore have open access to the female dressing rooms?

Except for the fact that it never happens. It’s just baseless fear mongering. People do not pretend to be transgender in order to have access to the opposite sex. And even if they did, it would be obvious and they would not be permitted entry. Some common fucking sense seems to be missing.

No sane parent would want their child to suffer such a scenario — or swallow such a fear — during the course of a given school day. Opposing an open door, genderless-free society isn’t a call to bully those who suffer a gender-related mental disorder. It’s simply saying hey, there is a thing called gender, and it happens to be determined by God, not pinhead bureaucrats and their special agenda cohorts.

Aside from the fact that the fear she is generating is baseless, it is not an open door policy and accommodating trans kids doesn’t make us a “genderless-free society.” Those are just idiotic talking points. Furthermore, Dr. Chumley, gender dysphoria is not a mental disorder. It is a condition. Furthermore Dr. Chumley, even if it were a disorder the only thing that mitigates the severe symptoms is gender affirmation. The real “pinheads” are people who substitute religion for medical science. That is just stupid. I can assure Ms. Chumley (who has neither a PhD or MD) that this isn’t the work of Satan.

That may be the intent of the LGBTQ and progressive-leftist activists — to tear down traditional society and upset the established family order. …

This woman poses a far greater threat to society than any gay or trans person. Chumley spreads ignorance and unwarranted fear to a willing constituency. Nothing tears at society like willful stupidity and baseless anxiety.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.