Jim Noble
Jim Noble in one of his restaurants

via Todd Sumlin – Charlotte Observer

Jim Noble, chef, restaurateur and Baptist minister plans to open a barbecue restaurant called Noble Smoke Charlotte. In 2015 Noble was one of only two public accommodations to sign onto a letter authored by Alliance Defending Freedom opposing Charlotte’s nondiscrimination ordinance. ADF is a designated hate group.

City Councilwoman LaWana Mayfield signed onto something of a different sort:

Ms. Mayfield has said that she is not calling for a boycott. Nevertheless, her November tweet has created a local social media firestorm. Mr. Noble now claims that he doesn’t discriminate in spite of having signed ADF’s letter. He was only disturbed, he says, by the bathroom issue. Apparently discriminating against trans and gender nonconforming youth isn’t discrimination. No, no. That is Christian love.

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By David Cary Hart

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