Matt Barber and Gordon Klingenschmitt have partnered for a new venture called Christian Civil Rights Watch — Fighting for True Civil Rights. Before I get to the goodies, there is this bit of BS on their site to contend with:

In case you cannot read it, that last line says: “CCRW is a national, non-profit 501c3 charity authorized for tax-deductible donations.” It is none of those things. Neither Christian Civil Rights Watch nor CCRW are national, a 501(c)3 or “authorized for tax-deductible donations.”

The telephone number is Barber’s and the address is Klingenschmitt’s Persuade the World Ministries, a 501(c)3 with 2016 revenues of $1.4 million. When I finish writing this, I’ll have a missive for the IRS. Klingenschmitt’s tax return, by the way, is incomplete.

Now the good stuff:

Anti-Christian Extremist Groups

These people have too much time on their hands. The have compiled a list of about 225 organizations deemed extremist and anti-Christian. These include “Democrat Party,” Institute of Medicine (National Academies of Sciences), Hollywood, (italicized), American Academy of Pediatrics, United Nations … you get the idea. Two of the most batshit anti-LGBT persons on the planet have come up with arguably the most batshit anti-LGBT idea not called Westboro Baptist Church.

How could anyone conclude, for example, that the Trevor Project (suicide prevention) is either anti-Christian or extremist? The U.N.?

The news section of the site links to Barber’s Barb Wire. One of these days I should do what they do and go after advertisers. I saw ads for Federal Express and Bankrate.

There is much written on the site about Dr. Martin Luther King. He would be appalled at the misuse of his name by two crazy people who have serious problems with LGBT people.

From a press release, Monday:

Barber, who is CCRW’s Co-Founder and General Counsel, said, “It’s time to go on the offense! It’s time to fight for true civil rights. The battle lines are drawn. Restoring Christian civil rights is the civil rights struggle of our time. Cultural Marxists, church-state separatists, ‘progressive’ anti-Christian religious segregationists and ‘LGBT’ sexual anarchists now openly attack our liberty. Who watches them?” asked Barber.

How can Barber be the organization’s general counsel when he doesn’t seem to be licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia? “It’s time to go on the offense?” I found Barber pretty offensive already.

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By David Cary Hart

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