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This week California sued a Bakersfield baker asking the state superior court to enjoin the shop from discriminating against gay couples. The action is against Cathy’s Creations dba Tastries and its owner, Cathy Miller.

Kern County Superior Court Judge David Lampe rejected a motion for a restraining order on Thursday. Judge Lampe has scheduled a hearing for February 2 to entertain a motion for a preliminary injunction. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed both motions ex parte on behalf of a lesbian couple who claim they were denied a wedding cake.

Miller does the usual tap-dance proclaiming that she loves everyone and referring the couple to another baker. Miller’s love, or lack of same, is irrelevant to service. Referring customers elsewhere does not get people off the hook for discrimination. We expect — demand — to be served according to the prevailing law.

Miller is represented by Charles LiMandri. LiMandri was National Organization for Marriage’s attorney during the proposition 8 petition drive.

LiMandri fogged the issue stating:

It’s no coincidence that the DFEH’s new attack on Cathy comes as the supreme court weighs the similar case of cake artist Jack Phillips in Colorado. The assault on religious liberty and the freedom of conscience is simply astounding. But neither Cathy nor we are backing down-the freedom of all Americans is at stake.

The coincidence is the discrimination and the actions of DFEH. These people seem to think that there is one set of laws for them and a different set of laws for everyone else. A basic tenet of American public policy is that customers select public accommodations for goods and services rather than the proprietor selecting his or her customers. Everyone is served equally.

Ms. Miller’s disapproval of gay people is not relevant to providing service. What I find astounding is the arrogance of people who presume that their particular religious belief must be superimposed on nondiscrimination laws.

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By David Cary Hart

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