Kim Davis and Mat Staver

Hate group leader and Christian supremacist, Mat Staver (Liberty Counsel), lives in a world of delusion. He actually believes that Kim Davis prevailed in her federal trial. Aside from the fact that she spent a few days in the hoosegow, Kentucky had to reimburse the ACLU for over $220,000 in legal fees (which go to the winner in litigation).

Staver is lucky that he did not lose his ticket over telling his client to disobey a federal judge. Davis, meanwhile, basically inherited her clerkship from her mother and employs her son in the office. She has to defend the office next November from David Ermold, one of the men denied a marriage license by Davis. It would be the ultimate fuck you from the voters to unseat Davis. Davis can probably get a job cleaning rooms at the local Motel 6. She does look the part.

Getting back to Mr. Staver, in an email that I received Saturday:

You may know Liberty Counsel as a major litigation force because of our representation of undercover investigator Sandra “Susan” Merritt who helped
blow the whistle on Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts business, our defense of Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis who wouldn’t sign marriage licenses that violated her conscience, or for our many other legal victories.

Representing a defendant does not make his hate group a major litigation force which seems to lose almost all of its cases. Moreover, Ms. Merritt did not “blow the whistle” on anything. Because of her heavily edited videos 12 states wasted taxpayer money investigating Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was cleared by all 12 which means that Staver is, yet again, full of crap: Planned Parenthood is not in the “baby parts business.” Claiming to have won the Kim Davis matter is just more plop on the pile.

Mat Staver and Roy Moore
Staver has that deer-in-the-headlights look while Moore seems flummoxed

Let us not forget that Staver represented Roy Moore in his effort to retain his judgeship. Moore lost at the hearing and again on appeal. Nice job Mat.

Mr. Staver’s law license could be at risk again. Janet Jenkins is suing, among others, Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel and Liberty University for aiding and abetting a kidnapping. Although the proceedings are (for now) a civil matter, the allegations are extremely serious. With sufficient evidence look for SPLC to move against Staver.

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