Matthew Cullinan Hoffman
Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

Matthew Cullinan Hoffman is another cultist with LifeSiteNews, an orthodox Catholic outlet obsessed with all things LGBT. Wednesday, Cullinan writes: “Vatican hires LGBT activist company to create and run new internet news platform.” He goes on with:

Eyebrows are being raised following the announcement that a Vatican official with strong ties to LGBT activists has hired an openly homosexualist digital marketing company to design and manage the Holy See’s new internet news service.

Since most of these people have never really worked for a living let me clue Mr. Hoffman in. Companies work very hard to attract LGBT talent in order to get the best and the brightest. For whatever reason we are deeply entrenched in the IT industries. I have no idea whatsoever what a “homosexualist” company is but virtually off of the Fortune 500 try to attract LGBT talent and to keep them happy. It’s not a social movement. They do so to benefit the bottom line.

The company, Accenture, is famous worldwide for promoting the homosexual political agenda, winning awards for being the top “gay friendly” employer, and producing videos proposing strategies for promoting “LGBT rights” throughout the world.

No more so than most other big companies. Allow me to further clue in Mr. Hoffman on some other salient facts:

  • Three-fourths of the Fortune 500 are Accenture clients.
  • Accenture has clients in 120 countries.
  • 98 of their largest 100 clients have been clients for more than ten years.
  • For 15 consecutive years they have made Fortune’s list of “the most admired companies.”

As a former CEO I would say that Accenture is doing the right thing for its clients. The best interests of clients is what quality-management is all about.

Accenture maintains an entire webpage of LGBT “pride” materials and a library of twelve LGBT videos on its website promoting homosexual “inclusion” in its company and in society in general. The company’s enthusiasm for pushing homosexuality was great enough to earn it the award for the most “gay friendly” company in all of Britain in 2013, and for being Ireland’s “best LGBT workplace” in 2016.

Again, this guy has probably never worked in a real corporate environment. You do the right thing for employees, they do right by customers. This goes on an on ad nauseum including the fact that the company signed onto an amicus brief in favor of Obergefell. I will further explain for Mr. Hoffman’s benefit that most of the corporate world favored marriage equality because it tears down barriers to employee mobility. Again, it is about profits.

Accenture is a publicly held company (NYSE:ACN). It’s first obligation is to shareholders. Ten years ago the stock was at $35.00. Today it closed at $152.00. Of course that wouldn’t interest Mr. Hoffman. He writes for LIfeSiteNews.

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By David Cary Hart

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