Two enthusiastic bigots, Scott Lively and Mat Barber, begin the week’s journey into the new year.

Scott Lively and Matt Barber

We start with Scott Lively who manages to combine his innate homophobia and anti-Semitism into a single expression of hate-filled Christian supremacy. Lively writes: “The Fake Jews Behind Fake News and the True Jews Whose Friends are Few.”

At one time or another, every anti-Semite has posed the defense that they love Jews. After all, they argue, Jesus was a Jew. Uh huh. Lively is no exception, combining the Jesus style with “some of my best friends …”:

Of all the ethnic groups in this world, I love Jews the most, because my Lord and Savior, Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ) was one, and because some of my greatest friends and benefactors throughout my life have been Torah-faithful Jewish people whose sincere care for others reflects the love of God. Among these I count a Jewish Cadillac Dealer …

Did it have to be a Cadillac dealer? A purveyor of the Jew canoe? And why is the word “dealer” capitalized?

It might shock Mr. Lively to know that the Torah does not define Jewish law (halakhah). More on that shortly. As you might have guessed the good Jews are those who are homophobic. As for those who are not sufficiently homophobic, well:

Yet, at the same time, some of those who call themselves Jews have been among the most cruel and destructive to me personally – and to all of humanity – by aggressively undermining the law of God upon which the infrastructure of Judeo-Christian civilization rests. Among these are unscrupulous men of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the billionaire Paul Singer, patron of the so-called Human Rights Campaign, who all have singled me out for vilification and harassment for publicly scrutinizing the LGBT movement and its history through the lens of the Hebrew Torah they themselves reject. And who could forget the curse inflicted on the world by Torah-faithless Jews like George Soros, and various Jewish Hollywood and news media moguls in the mold of Harvey Weinstein, who use their influence (and push fake news) to degrade rather than uplift society.

Poor, poor Scott. I did not know that SPLC is a Jewish organization. Did he just say something akin to “Jew lawyer?” Apparently, Jews control the media and Hollywood (along with some segment of the automotive market).

The piece that lively is missing is the Talmud which constitutes Jewish law — not the Torah. The example that I like to use is that the Torah calls for capital punishment but the Talmud makes it virtually impossible to carry out. In many ways the Talmud is the antidote to biblical literalism because it introduces the concept of being subject to interpretation. Lively need only understand one word of Yiddish: Schmuck!


Enter Mad Man Matt Barber

“Bam-Bam” if you prefer. Barber’s offering is provided by American Family Association in a piece titled: “Barber: NYC crossed line with pro-LGBT vote.” According to AFA’s Charlie Butts (one of AFA’s mental giants):

It’s no surprise that liberal leaders in New York City are champions of homosexual rights, says an attorney.

The New York City Council passed by a vote of 43-2 an ordinance that bars counselors from helping an adult or child with same-gender attractions who <sic> want to change.

The only reason that a child might want to change their sexual orientation is the guilt inflicted on him or her by a moronic parent.

Matt Barber, co-founder and general counsel of Christian Civil Rights Watch, says the council is dominated by members loyal to the homosexual-rights movement.

Barber, Matt (Liberty Counsel)”They recognize,” he says, “that the reality that untold thousands of people have found freedom from the self-destructive homosexual and-cross dressing lifestyles represents a clear and present danger to the myth that change is not possible, that people are somehow born that way.”

How can Barber be general counsel of anything when he is not licensed to practice law? His logic isn’t much better than his legal erudition which consists of a mail-order degree from Liberty U. What he is saying is that the city council banned reparative therapy because it works as evidenced by thousands of converts. According to the APA, which researched the issue, conversion therapy, at best, teaches people how to pretend to be straight and is potentially toxic.

I defy Barber to prove that there are “untold thousands of people” who are no longer gay due to conversion therapy (yes, I am ignoring the imbecilic reference to cross dressing). Proof consists of peer-reviewed research published to a mainstream scholarly journal that followed people for at least three years after “therapy.”

The people who ply the pseudoscience of conversion therapy have never done such research. I think that they knew what they would find and did not want to find it.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.