Janet Porter

I received an email from Janet Porter last night regarding Roy Moore’s election certification challenge. It is written as if she is the official spokesperson for Roy Moore. Perhaps she is.

Moore, the disgraced former judge, alleges widespread voter fraud. Regardless of the language in the complaint, there are two reasons that Moore is asserting his allegations of fraud:

  1. He lost and;
  2. He prayed.

What could possibly be more compelling? Moore might have convinced himself that he is not a pervert and child molester.

According to Porter:

Richard Charnin, who holds three degrees in applied mathematics, and who has written four books on election fraud, calculates the probability of the election results in these precincts happening naturally is “less than one in 15 billion.”

Ms. Porter, who is a holier-than-thou scammer (I’ll get back to that), is a pathological liar. Charnin, a JFK conspiracy theorist, has has written two books about election fraud, not four. Both, by the way, are self-published; one through AuthorHouse and the other through CreateSpace.

I gather from his CV that Charnin’s concentration was in computer science (his applied mathematics degrees are of 1960s vintage). Compare that to a real expert in the field of voting statistical analysis, Professor Andrew Gelman. Gelman has professorships in statistics and political science at Columbia University. Gelman has written peer-reviewed articles for Statistical Science. Those seem to be free of crackpot conspiracy theories.

In 2016 Porter was selling, for $50, a fax to every Target store protesting their gender accommodations policies. At the time, I calculated that her cost would be $17.53 or about one-third of what she was charging for a useless fax which, by the way, was in violation of federal law (Junk Fax Protection Act of 2005). My guess is that Porter’s cost was even lower. I doubt that her contractor would have sent all those faxes in violation of the law.

In early June of 2015, in another scam, Porter was milking Christians for between $10 and $50 depending upon their level of stupidity. For those sums she was sending out “restraining orders” to the Supreme Court which would supposedly halt marriage equality in its tracks. It was another fax scam — sending out useless junk fax with no possible benefit — for a considerable profit. The grift relied upon the gullibility of Christians to believe that they were, as Porter put it, “saving marriage.”

Getting back to the Roy Moore email:

Also provided in the complaint is an affidavit from Judge Roy Moore stating that he successfully completed a polygraph test confirming the representations of misconduct made against him during the campaign are completely false.

Moore stated, “It’s appalling that the Democrat Senate Majority PAC and the Republican Senate Leadership Fund both spent millions to run false and malicious ads against me in this campaign.”

Not that a polygraph proves anything, even when administered by a federally certified polygraph examiner, but why didn’t Moore do this during the campaign? Even if the results are accurate (which is extremely doubtful) it does not constitute voter fraud. Janet Porter has pimped Roy Moore throughout the campaign. Moore is a sufficiently bigoted racist to appeal to Porter. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Porter made a ten minute video that touched all of the bases of bigotry.

Expect a new fax scam from Porter in the near future. Meanwhile most people capable of some critical thinking believe that Roy Moore is a pervert and a child molester. That is not going to go away.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.