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Wednesday, American Family Association’s phony news blog is running with: “Telecom giant accused of doing bidding of LGBT movement.” They are referring to AT&T. AFA’s partner in stupidity is 2ndVote. Part of the problem is that none of these rubes have ever worked in corporate America.

AT&T continues its long record of lending support to the left on social issues, according to a corporate watchdog group.

2ndVote tracks major companies in the U.S. for their support on various issues ranging from the environment to abortion to homosexual activism. Spokesman Robert Kuykendall tells OneNewsNow that AT&T has consistently supported the left – especially radical same-sex activism.

These people do not get it. AT&T, based in Dallas, has a perfect Corporate Equality Index score 15 years running. That is not an altruistic undertaking. Rather, the promotion of workplace equality assures the company that it will remain competitive in attracting the best and the brightest people. That includes non-LGBT people who view workplace equality as an important projection of corporate culture.

They are doing something right. SBC Communications was one of the regional Bell companies spun off from AT&T. It has recombined many of the assets of its former parent and they acquired enough of what remained of AT&T to become AT&T. In 2014 net income was $6.4 billion. 2016 was not a great year for the company but net income rose to $13 billion. Yokels from Mississippi (AFA) and Tennessee (2ndVote) are in no position to tell AT&T how to run their company.

Calling workplace equality “radical same-sex activism” is so moronic that it is comical. It is also more dishonesty from some very self-righteous people.

The wizards weigh in:

“In most recent days, we see where AT&T is extending ‘gender identity protection’ under the guise of a union contract,” he explains, “but it really appears that AT&T is trying to do the bidding of the radical LGBT movement.”

AT&T’s contract with the Communication Workers of America (CWA) union provides enforceable protections, for example, for men wearing women’s clothing at work, regardless of union members who oppose it – a policy impacting thousands of workers in 16 states.

Kuykendall is absurdly suggesting that AT&T is employing subterfuge; using its contract with CWA to advance an agenda.

Apparently these clodhoppers presume to understand collective bargaining. They certainly do not understand anything about gender identity. Making matters worse, they do not want to understand anything about gender identity. These people absolutely hate science. Moreover, if members have a problem with the union’s workplace equality proposition, they can always vote for new leaders.

A decade prior to the Civil War, members of the American Party only claimed to be “know nothings.” as a means of guarding their secrecy. AFA and 2ndVote folks really are know nothings. The correct name of the entity according to the IRS is 2nd Vote, not 2ndVote.

2ndVote has documented several other examples of the telecom company’s advocacy for “gay and lesbian” issues, including sponsorship of events hosted/promoted by the pro-homosexual Human Rights Campaign. In addition, says Kuykendall, last year AT&T was a champion of a group called Equality California.

Ooh! Scary! Ultimately they think that this is all going to affect enough consumers to make a difference. Time and again, shoppers will buy what they need where they can get the best price and service. I am the perfect example.

Whole Foods (with a store in my neighborhood) has always been forward thinking in workplace equality (in spite of a crazy T-Partyish CEO). Now that they have been acquired by Amazon there is no question regarding their commitment to our community. I buy
meat, fish and vegetables at Whole Foods.

The Publix supermarket chain is decidedly hostile to LGBT people. Once a week I hold my nose and buy staples and household products at Publix. Much of this stuff is not available at Whole Foods.

This is why their Target campaign has been an utter failure. The stock is now at an 11 month high and Amazon is rumored to be considering the acquisition of the company. Heads will explode in Tennessee and Mississippi should that take place. Consumers buy at Target if the stores have what they want at the right price.

At the end of 2015, 2nd Vote was essentially insolvent. It looks like some organization bailed them out in 20161. More pertinent, however, is the fact that 2nd Vote is irrelevant. Some group wasted some money.


1 I do not have the full return, only the raw base numbers from my local database of the IRS’ Business Master File or “BMF” which is updated monthly.

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