Cardinal Raymond Burke
As you can see, Cardinal Raymond Burke is a very humble guy

The Catholic Church remains the world’s largest purveyor of bigotry and misinformation about LGBT people. Cardinal Raymond Burke recently chimed in with the usual discordant BS, at odds with the overwhelming consensus of science. Burke gave an exclusive interview with O Clarim which is an Portuguese-English-Chinese weekly based in Macau. According to Burke:

the reality … of people who manifest homosexual tendencies, whose personal dignity we always respected, but we were formed to see these acts as absolutely unacceptable, against the nature that God had created for us.

That represents a respect for dignity? The scientific fact is that the continuum of sexual orientation represents perfectly natural variations of human sexuality. The cardinal is teaching young people to hate themselves while, at the same time, imparting ignorance to their parents. Burke chose to be celibate. Perhaps he has even honored that vow. He wants to force gay people to be celibate because of disapproval expressed by ancient texts that are errant in so many ways.

Now [in America]… the practice of recognizing unions between two people of the same sex as marital unions has been imposed, and an attack has been mounted on religious liberty … The Church herself must accept what are considered homosexual ‘marriages’.

I must be blunt. The prelate is a liar. The Church is not obligated by any law to recognize any marriages it does not approve of. As for that co-called attack on religious liberty, Burke is claiming that, because nondiscrimination laws  prevent discrimination in public accommodations, the proscription of discrimination deprives Catholics of a self-manufactured right to discriminate; an essential part of religious liberty. In point of fact no one is being forced into same-sex marriages. No one is even being forced to approve of same-sex marriages. The Church creates its own problems by equating service with participation, complicity and approval. It is all very dishonest.

Then with a flourish:

I turned 69, and I have spent my whole life in the Catholic Church. I have never encountered discrimination against people who suffer from the homosexual condition. We know that we are dealing with an abnormal condition: God has not created us to have sexual relations with people of the same sex. This is not a discrimination against persons. It is to affirm the truth of Christ, the truth of our faith.

The only people “suffer” from being gay are those who are stupid enough to listen to people like this gasbag. Most Catholics are smart enough to realize that sexual orientation is as their god intended. No sexual orientation is an “abnormal condition” and sanctimonious cranks like Burke have no more idea of their god’s intent than anyone else. No one speaks to God and no one has the authority to speak for God! That includes this ambitious priest.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.