The Great Flood
The mythology of The Great Flood

The next time people at American Family Association weigh in on the nature of sexual orientation or sexual identity, consider this “revelation.” Consider how it depicts a complete misunderstanding of evidentiary science.

Christian science is an oxymoron. When American Family Association isn’t promoting anti-LGBT hate they are propping up the theories of crackpots. They want you to know that “‘Mummified’ trees more proof of the Flood.” Indeed:

A recent discovery of well-preserved trees in Antarctica can be explained by the biblical account of a worldwide flood, according to a Christian geologist.

In fact (and they have this relatively correct):

… [scientists] estimate that the trees are some 280 million years old and were preserved down to the cellular level after being rapidly buried in volcanic ash – preserved so well, in fact, that some of the amino acid building blocks that make up the trees’ proteins can still be extracted.

Off the rails of reason they then go;

But Dr. Tim Clarey with the Institute for Creation Research says a more literal, biblical explanation that fits the science is that this is a result of the Great Flood told in the Old Testament.

Except that Clarey is a douche-bag who insists that the world is less than 10,000 years old. According to the science he is short by about 279,990,000 years to explain the existence of these trees. But he has an answer:

“How do you have original proteins that survive that long?”

The secular science community, he writes, has “no viable answers to explain remarkable finds like these.” But Clarey says it can be explained by the Great Flood.

The answer is simple. Frozen in a vacuum, proteins will last indefinitely and that is precisely the condition of fossilized material in Antarctica. As the scientists explain:

The plants are so well-preserved in rock that some of the amino acid building blocks that made up the trees’ proteins can still be extracted, said Gulbranson, who specializes in geochemistry techniques. Studying these chemical building blocks may help clarify how the trees handled the southern latitudes’ weird sunlight conditions, as well as the factors that allowed those plants to thrive but drove Glossopteris to its death, he said.

So when these schmucks claim that a trans kid is just “confused” or that a gay kid can be “cured” you will have a good sense of their scientific erudition. It is worse than knowing nothing because they insist that they know something which is demonstrably false.

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By David Cary Hart

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