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Mat Staver’s latest revelation: “Planned Parenthood Now Offers “Sex-Change” Services.” The nutty leader of Liberty Counsel has probably read every word of Planned Parenthood’s annual report looking for a “gotcha.” Here is the latest (highlight added):

Planned Parenthood’s 2016-17 annual report states: “We’re expanding access to care – from pioneering research on self-injectable birth control to offering new services for our transgender patients. Planned Parenthood has focused on expanding services to people who are too often overlooked by the larger medical community – including trans patients. Seventeen states now have Planned Parenthood health centers that provide hormone therapy.”

So what? So fucking what? What is it that makes Staver think that he has the knowledge to weigh in on the suitability of a medical intervention? When did it become necessary to get this idiot’s approval? Ah, Staver has an answer:

While masquerading as a “healthcare” provider for women, Planned Parenthood works more to exploit women, provide abortions, and now promote gender confusion. The health care centers and clinics annually perform one-third of the nation’s abortions, including 321,384 abortions in 2017. Despite the facts, Planned Parenthood invariably reports abortion as three percent of its total services.

Yes, Planned Parenthood exploits women. In the wee hours of every morning (using proprietary radar firmware) they locate and kidnap pregnant women, forcing them to have abortions. Oy veh. If some of the clinics provide gender affirming services to people with gender dysphoria that is in accordance with best medical practices. The only person suffering from confusion is Mr. Staver. Staver’s bewilderment provides us with a nonstop comic opera; a satire with the verve of fire and brimstone.

Planned Parenthood depends on government health care services grants and reimbursements for approximately 37 percent of its income. In 2017, it collected $543.7 million, down from $554.6 million in 2016, which could be attributed to the decrease in patient visits. However, the national office and regional affiliates raised $532.7 million in private contributions and bequests, up 19 percent from the $445.8 million raised in 2016.

Staver cynically hopes that people think that abortions are paid for with tax dollars. Those reimbursements are for Medicaid approved services at the Medicaid mandated rate. Abortion is not covered by Medicaid — or any other government program — in accordance with the Hyde Amendment.—

What Staver is unintentionally doing is highlighting the wealth of medical services that Planned Parenthood is providing, mostly to lower income patients at lower than market rates. Kudos to them.

Staver’s grand conclusion:

“Planned Parenthood’s newest business initiative of providing opposite hormone me—dication promotes gender confusion and the exploitation of women,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “This despicable organization which murders thousands of innocent babies each year has now jumped on the LGBT agenda in order to pad its pockets with more money. It’s all about greed and nothing to do with helping people,” said Staver.

I do not even know what “opposite hormone medication” is. What is this fuckwit trying to say? Nor do I have so much as a clue how gender-affirming therapies exploit women. It is just incoherent gibberish uttered by a crazed religious zealot. It is the kind of fanaticism that caused people to fly airplanes into buildings. Mr. Staver is not qualified to opine on matters that are between an individual and his or her doctor. It is really none of his business.

Staver does not approve of abortion. That is his right. If he wants to impose his extreme values on everyone else then he is free to lobby for a constitutional amendment banning abortion. Meanwhile, it remains a legal medical procedure; one that depends on the judgment of a woman and her doctor. No one invited Staver into the exam room.

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By David Cary Hart

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