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Joy Pullmann at The Federalist has a religious objection to transgender youth. It is obvious and we already knew about it. It is kind of moronic to have a religious objection to a medical condition (gender dysphoria). It makes no sense to me. And it’s not like they have any alternatives to mitigating the extreme discomfort. They simply refuse, again for religious reasons, to accept the fact that gender and natal sex are two different constructs.

Of course medical science disagrees. But what do they know? Pullmann’s headline today reads “School District Pays Teen $800,000 For Refusing To Let Her Sleep, Micturate With Boys.” I had to look up what micturate means; urinate. The subheading reads:

A Wisconsin school district will pay a transgender student $800,000 to settle a lawsuit she filed in a successful attempt to share bathrooms and overnight sleeping quarters with male high school students.

Ms. Pullimann is trying to make the point that, in her view, a transgender boy is really a girl. It’s rather petty really — unless one is on the receiving end of such bigotry, in which case Pullmann has done violence to them. There are two problems with Pullmann’s pointless protest and intentional display of disrespect:

  1. In polite society we are expected to address people as they choose to be addressed and;
  2. Scientists generally agree that, for all intents and purposes, a transgender boy is, well … a boy. Gender prevails over chromosomes.

I always come back to the same question: What would Pullmann do if she had a child suffering with gender dysphoria? Would she seek the advice of a priest or an experienced clinician? And if being transgender is the only thing that relieves the suffering would she insist otherwise, relying instead on ancient texts of dubious provenance? Moreover, how would Pullmann want her child to be treated by others? How would she react to someone who is attempting to marginalize a group of people without any understanding of that group?

Ash Whitaker is now a young man. What does Pullman know about him, other than the fact that he is trans? You might recall that Whitaker was the kid who was compelled to wear a wide green wristband at his high school in Kenosha, Wisconsin to make sure that he did not use the boys’ room so it wasn’t just a matter of where he could pee. He was being ostracized.

Pullmann further outs herself as a religiously-motivated bigot:

LGBT activists have targeted the courts and regulatory agencies as vehicles to rewrite federal laws, primarily by changing the definitions of words in this same fashion. President Obama’s Department of Education issued regulatory guidance similar to the Seventh Circuit’s reading, telling schools they had to interpret the word “sex” to include “gender identity,” which inserted LGBT preferences into laws that Congress did not intend to include LGBT preferences.

What’s with the “preferences” bullshit? I suspect that Ash would have probably preferred to be cisgender. He sure as hell did not raise his hand and volunteer for the ridicule that comes from being trans.

According to Pullman:

“Sex,” of course, refers to biological sex — i.e., the fact of being male or female. “Gender identity” is fundamentally opposed to the concept of biological sex because it is a philosophical system that declares sex distinctions — XX and XY chromosomes and the myriad biological effects they create — invalid and meaningless.

No. No. No. Utter ignorance. No one is “fundamentally opposed to the concept of biological sex” and gender is not a “philosophical system.” My frequent readers can skip this part because I am being repetitious.

  • It is an established medical fact that some people have incongruent gender and natal sex (gender dysphoria) and;
  • There is no intervention known to medical science to reverse or diminish gender dysphoria.
  • Gender dysphoria can cause considerable suffering. Symptoms include depression and anxiety. Particularly in kids, those two things form a self-harm cocktail.
  • Some people obtain relief from the symptoms of gender dysphoria through gender affirmation which may include being transgender and presenting as their gender rather than their natal sex.

This isn’t some conspiracy cooked up by the Human Rights Campaign to somehow harm Christians. It is a medical and scientific reality. Now Pullman will probably cite some flawed study claiming that most kids with gender dysphoria outgrow the condition. Many kids do outgrow it. However, desisters are in the early stages. Once a child encounters enough distress to become transgender desistence is very rare because the same level of distress would return.  Teens who transition do very well. They would do even better without the religious crackpots.

Absurdism on display:

Whitaker is not a man or a boy and never will be. She’s a teen who has gotten herself local and national notoriety, set both counterfactual and un-American legal precedents, and is now $150,000 richer, all by selling lies about human biology. That’s another thing rule by bureaucrats fosters: not just state coercion, but a higher likelihood of that coercion consisting of harmful untruths.

Where is the scientific foundation of any of this crap? Ash Whitaker is a young man. Yes, he has female chromosomes but in a contest between chromosomes and gender, gender usually prevails because our sex isn’t defined by what’s between our legs. Rather it is defined by what is between our ears. The only harmful untruths are those spouted by individuals seeking to have real life conform to the ancient texts. Nature doesn’t work that way.

Joy Pullmann is an anti-Common Core combatant which means that she is easily duped. Common Core is just a set of standards established by nonpartisan educational professionals. The Home School Defense Network became alarmed by the prospect that their kids might not measure up so they started a campaign in opposition. They somehow got the support of Phyllis Schlafly and an army of anti-Common Core warriors was let loose. It remains one of our most idiotic distractions.

As for Ash Whitaker, he is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he plans to major in biomedical engineering. He has demonstrated enormous ego strengths and will probably do very well in whatever field he chooses. I wish him well.

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