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National Organization for Marriage’s latest attempt to get some hand-outs is titled: “Arrested for praying in America.” Of course no one was arrested for praying. Brown should know better. Perhaps he does. He goes on to write:

Not too long ago, a teenager in Tennessee who wanted to deliver a prayer at graduation was threatened by the school principal with being physically removed from the ceremony and arrested.

The alleged incident happened in 2011. The source of the information is none other than Todd Starnes who seems to have gotten it from hate group leader Tony Perkins who came across the information in 2017. We have no idea what really happened or if anything happened at at all but I can say that people are allowed to pray. What they are not allowed to do is to lead an assembly of students in prayer.

Aside from the insult to the Establishment Clause, it is just bad manners. The persistent prayer people are almost always conservative Christians. They never seem to care that they might make non-Christian students uncomfortable. If some Muslim kid did the same thing at graduation, these same people would be having a massive shit-fit.

So how is this a means from Brian S. Brown to stick his hand out? (Needless to say, Brown’s piece is peppered with pleas for money and links to donation receptacles). Behold the all-powerful NOM:

NOM is fighting to protect our religious liberty rights, including the right to believe in marriage as God designed it, the union of one man and one woman. But to be effective, we need your support and financial assistance.

In today’s culture, LGBT activists and their allies in entertainment, media and corporate boardrooms seek to portray marriage supporters as bigoted, hateful people who want to discriminate against the LGBT community. …

Fighting? About the only thing that NOM seems to do is to ask for money. Furthermore, no LGBT person or ally needs to portray Brian S. Brown as a bigot. He is quite capable of doing that on his own, without any help from us. And by the way, I am as much of a “marriage supporter” as he is.

Bend a knee to thee:

We are working with the Trump Administration to protect our rights, and have enjoyed several high-profile victories. Recently, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a government-wide directive that the religious liberty rights of all Americans must be protected to the maximum extent possible. …

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is a racist, anti-LGBT asshole. He was an asshole without any help from NOM. I suppose that Brown would like people to believe that he has something to do with Sessions’ memo. Probably not. In today’s New York Times Michelle Goldberg reminds us that the religious right was formed to oppose desegregation. It was racist then and it is racist today — with anti-LGBT activism for good measure. Sessions is part of the continuing quest to make others subservient:

In 1958, the Baptist preacher Jerry Falwell, who would go on to found the Moral Majority, gave a sermon titled “Segregation or Integration: Which?” He inveighed against the Supreme Court’s anti-segregation decision in Brown v. Board of Education, arguing that facilities for blacks and whites should remain separate.

“When God has drawn a line of distinction, we should not attempt to cross that line,” he wrote, warning that integration “will destroy our race eventually.” In 1967, Falwell founded the Lynchburg Christian Academy — later Liberty Christian Academy — as a private school for white students.

The Lynchburg Christian Academy, in Virginia, was one of many so-called seg academies created throughout the South to circumvent desegregation. In the 1970s, these discriminatory schools lost their tax-exempt status. Feeling under siege as a result, conservative Christians started organizing politically. This was the origin of the modern religious right, and it helps explain why a movement publicly devoted to piety has stood so faithfully by Donald Trump.

Brian Brown has been identifying with these Calvinist schmucks for years. They are still fighting the Civil War and reconstruction. In fact Trump is a great deal like the racist President Andrew Johnson. There will be a further price to pay for Brown’s allegiance to folks who are a hair’s width from being Klansmen. Does Brown really think that Tony Perkins is not a racist? Brown’s own activities — trying to leverage African-Americans against gays — are racist in nature.

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By David Cary Hart

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