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Earlier today I wrote about how the cynical religious right raises funds off of manufactured persecution. They do this by making people angry and fearful through the mis-characterization of events. This then spills over into nonacceptance of LGBT people.

I received an email from Family Research Council’s Executive VP Jerry Boykin. It is titled: “Christian bakers lose court appeal.” It is about Aaron and Melissa Klein. Poor them. They were sanctioned for refusing to serve a gay couple. They seem to believe that fundamentalist Christians are entitled to exemptions to laws that everyone else is required to obey.

The Kleins are not exactly Mensa material. They managed to confuse service with approval or they had an irresistible need to demonstrate their disapproval. Either way, their stupidity was expensive. The holier than thou were fined $135 thou.

Now pay close attention to Boykin’s language. Keep in mind that this is a money-beg. He is trying to motivate people to send money to FRC which, by the way, has no control over the Oregon nondiscrimination law that the Kleins willfully violated:

Freedom of religion in America has taken a backseat to the wants and whims of liberal extremists.

All Christians and people of faith across America were dealt a major setback in our fight to practice our faith in the public square last week when two bakers in Oregon were denied their First Amendment rights by an appeals court.

Those extremists will get ya every time. Jerry has just re-written the First Amendment as well. For well over 100 years (Reynolds v. US, 1878) it has been settled law that the government can regulate conduct while still being prohibited from regulating belief. Boykin seems to think that he has a right to impose his religion on everyone else in the public square.

Rick Santorum once famously said:

To say that people of faith have no role in the public square? You bet that makes you throw up. What kind of country do we live that says only people of non-faith can come into the public square and make their case? That makes me throw up.

Santorum make me want to throw up. The oft-mentioned public square has little to do with free exercise of religion. It really relates to freedom of speech. Any idiot can stand on any street corner and say pretty much whatever he wants. That is what the public square really pertains to. None of this has anything to do with free speech. The Kleins are welcome to hold up signs proclaiming that the end is near as long as they are willing to possibly share some space with the Lord Xenu freaks and the Hare Krishna devotees.

But Jerry is just working up a head of steam. That’s the anger part. Next comes the fear:

We’re headed down a dangerous road as a nation, and if we don’t reverse course soon, rampant intimidation and discrimination against Christians and people of faith will become the new norm.

What Boykin is essentially saying is that it is discriminatory to prevent Christians from discriminating. Their religion requires the right to discriminate against fellow citizens who are LGBT. People must fear losing a license to discriminate that they do not have in the first place.

And you already know what the solution is to this “rampant intimidation and discrimination against Christians:”

We need to do everything we can to rally the national grassroots in support of religious freedom. Please help with your immediate gift of $25, $35, $50, $100, or more today.

The three elements are almost childlike:

  1. Anger;
  2. Fear and; 
  3. “Pay me.” 

Boykin knows that this works. It brings in those sheaves. I only care because it has a real effect on LGBT people. I was going to say that we are collateral damage but that is incorrect. Hate groups like FRC and bigots like Jerry Boykin intend to inflict as much harm as they can.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.