Readers find some amazing things including this video from November, 2017. The Slowly Boiled Frog is briefly mentioned at around 10:20. I did not queue it up because the entire thing — titled “Dr. Michelle Cretella on Transgenderism: A Mental Illness is Not a Civil Right” — is cringe-worthy. It was produced by the extreme right-wing and orthodox Catholic cult, TFP. Think John Birch Society combined with Opus Dei.

Michelle Cretella’s expired medical license – Click to enlarge

For the record, Dr. Cretella, my name is David Cary Hart and I write the Slowly Boiled Frog. Not that you get to approve pronouns but that was my name at birth. The use of my middle name is not a pretension. Rather it is a unique identifier for accountability. I mention that you are unlicensed, not to suggest anything nefarious but, rather, to evidence your apparent priorities given that you are an unpaid volunteer at American College of Pediatricians.

Moreover, practicing physicians are required to keep pace with current research and treatment advances. Not practicing for about three years is, in scientific terms, a very large period of time.

While I was at it I found what appears to be your 2012 divorce and a 2015 home foreclosure by Deutsche Bank. Of course there could be another Michelle Cretella in Connecticut. Feel free to contact me if you think that I have the facts wrong.


As for the video, it is a defense of the Catholic faith. There is no such thing as “transgender ideology.” Cretella is unable to differentiate between faith and science. According to the science, there is no known intervention that addresses gender dysphoria. Cretella’s insistence on talk therapy to address gender dysphoria is not supported by any peer-reviewed research published to a scholarly journal.

Some patients with gender dysphoria, including children, find considerable relief from the symptoms through gender affirmation. Those symptoms often include severe depression and anxiety which can lead to self-harm. These religious crackpots are playing with children’s lives in an attempt to conform the world to their faith — or superstitions depending upon your point of view.

In the video, Cretella makes the absurd claim that left-leaning physicians (plural) call to thank her. For what? Intentionally misinforming them in service to Christianity? Or is that a lie? I don’t know know who the fuck Michelle Cretella thinks she is but she is the unpaid head of a tiny SPLC-designated hate group with an annual budget under $100,000. The real peer group, the American Academy of Pediatrics has an annual budget greater than $121,000,000.

Michelle Cretella is a menace! She previously served on the board of NARTH and is a proponent of thoroughly discredited conversion therapy in spite of a dearth of scientific evidence that it is either safe or effective (it is neither). NARTH is a conservative Christian endeavor. Its purpose is to excuse discrimination on the basis that being gay or trans is some kind of choice.

American College of Pediatricians is also a conservative Christian operation. It is essentially a political organization that exists to oppose LGBT acceptance and equality for religious reasons. It also opposes reproductive choice. It doesn’t seem to do anything in service to children. It produces no peer-reviewed research.

Oh, it has one other purpose. Prior president Denslow Trumbull has a profile at Jackson Hospital in Alabama. It includes:

Den Trumbull is board certified in pediatrics and a Fellow of the American College of Pediatricians.

I will bet that Trumbull has a pretentious plaque on the wall from American College of Pediatricians. Would the average patient know that it is a minuscule hate group or are they more likely to confuse it with a real peer organization? “Fellow?”

ACPeds has removed a directory of physicians from its website. Furthermore, to get a referral one has to make the request by email. Proud folks.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.