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Jason Hopkins (whomever that might be) writes at Western Journal (whatever that might be): “Staggering Statistic Reveals How Many High Schoolers Now Identify as Transgender.” Mr. Hopkins is writing about the study that I wrote about on Wednesday. It does not provide a number for transgender students. Moreover, its purpose was not to measure the size of the population. Its instrumentation would not serve that goal. There might, or might not, be more trans kids than was thought.

The more important issue is that the size of the trans youth population should not influence treatment. It certainly should not influence the accommodations that  these kids need in public schools.

Later on Mr. Hopkins presents us with this:

In an opinion article in Pediatrics that accompanied the study, Dr. Daniel Shumer, a specialist in transgender medicine at the University of Michigan, argued that the survey’s findings prove that the transgender population has “been underestimated by orders of magnitude.”

Good for him. Hopkins cited a real expert. But then:

However, not all experts have reached the same conclusions.

Peter Sprigg, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council who focuses on human sexuality and gender identity, blames a culture that is too quick to point to gender dysphoria as the cause of common gender identity issues.

Did this guy just compare an expert clinician with Peter Sprigg? Sprigg is a Baptist minister who works for a hate group for the purpose of justifying discrimination. Sprigg has the audacity to weigh in on a medical issue? I wonder if Sprigg has any unique insight regarding my torn right shoulder rotator cuff. Yet Sprigg knows no more about gender dysphoria than he knows about orthopedics. Amateur psychiatry is a potentially dangerous hobby.


“People may struggle with their gender identity, but I think the transgender movement has confused people because everyone struggles with their gender identity to a certain extent,” Sprigg in an interview with The Western Journal.

Really? So Peter Sprigg is struggling with his gender identity? Whenever Sprigg accuses anyone else of confusing people that simply means that Sprigg is (as usual) profoundly confused. Sprigg exists in a world of conservative Christian confusion at a hate group intent on imposing Christian supremacy as public policy. The confusion seems to be contagious given that Jason Hopkins is apparently bewildered.

“You struggle with relationships and with: what do I need to do to be a man, and what do I need to do to be a woman? What is the best way to express my gender and my sexuality? I think we have a situation now where kids who feel like they don’t fit in with the other guys or the other girls, or something, think: maybe I’m really transgender.”

What on earth? Where did that come from? And Hopkins doesn’t quite catch on that Sprigg is an ignoramus. Apparently, he buys the BS that Sprigg is selling. It should come as no surprise that things get intellectually worse:

“… I believe that this shows that people are influenced by the culture around them and dramatically so. I think you have a situation where — and I don’t mean to be flippant about this — kids who may be in a previous generation would have rebelled by getting a tattoo or a body piercing, now are rebelling by changing their gender identity. I think it really comes down to that.”

So, kids are claiming to have gender dysphoria as a form of rebellion? And highly trained clinicians are unable to objectively diagnose the condition? And Mr. Hopkins is content with this? He doesn’t so much as question what erudition Sprigg has that would enable him to have such great knowledge. Moreover, the views of Sprigg prevail against the overwhelming consensus of medical science.

Sprigg also pointed to evolving reactions from parents who witness their children seemingly behaving opposite of their gender identity. In the past, parents who saw their young boy play with dolls may have not come to such a sharp reaction, but now, he argues, parents may be more inclined to believe their child is transgender.

And the survey data on this observation was collected and analyzed by whom exactly? Sprigg is making a claim that he cannot possibly substantiate. Sprigg has neither the skills nor training to make such a claim with any authority. And Hopkins is again content to just recycle the fertilizer.

“I think we are moving toward the idea that parents could actually be accused of abusing their child by not affirming their gender identity which is in conflict with their biological sex,” Sprigg said. “I think we are at a dangerous moment actually in our culture.”

And I think that an imbecile has interviewed a crackpot.

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By David Cary Hart

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