Hate group leader Tony Perkins
Hate group leader Tony Perkins

An  email that I received Monday morning from Family Research Council bears the subject line: Christians are not a hate group. Of course that is true. However, Family Research Council is a hate group according to Southern Poverty Law Center.

The important thing to understand is that FRC is not a hate group because SPLC says it is. Rather, FRC is a hate group because it routinely lies about, and disparages, LGBT people and Muslims. If Tony Perkins doesn’t want to be called a hate group leader he has the power to stop FRC from behaving as a hate group. SPLC did not make FRC a hate group. Perkins did that with a little help from some questionable hires.

However, it is clear from this email that Perkins enjoys the designation. At allows Perkins to claim victimization at the hands of godless libbrulls which is something that he can raise money off of, which is the very point of today’s email.

FRC will continue our effort to expose the Southern Poverty Law Center’s effort to marginalize and ultimately silence the voice of Christians.

That’s why I am requesting your signature be added to our petition to President Trump right away.

I suspect that there are a few people who actually believe that bullshit. It should be obvious that SPLC neither marginalizes not silences Christians. Morris Dees, SPLC’s founder, is a Christian as are probably most of its executives and employees. The purpose of the petition is to ask for a donation.

Trump has a few other problems at the moment given that Trump is consumed by things affecting Trump. Furthermore, Trump has no control over the activities of SPLC.

One of my favorite parts of this email is this passage:

Please click here to CONTRIBUTE TO FRC’s $200,000 campaign to expose the SPLC right now. [Link suppressed]

Exposing the SPLC’s radical agenda is one of the highest priorities we have here at FRC in 2018. Teachers, parents, and K-12 students can ill afford to substitute science and math with cross-dressing, gender-spectrum training, and same-sex dating skills.

Again, the only thing that FRC can rationally do with respect to SPLC is to stop acting like a hate group. What they are telling the gullible is to give money to FRC or your kid will be exposed to something fearful. Regardless of how much exposure to LGBT tolerance kids get at school, none of it is in place of science and math. An example of such substitution would be creationism.

Speaking of Charles Darwin and evolution, allow me to digress in closing to another SPLC document about how America became a godless and lawless society where liberty has decayed, or how we have gone to hell in a handbag:

At its founding in 1634, the
primary purpose of Harvard College was to train clergy. Harvard played an instrumental part, however,
in turning the study, practice, and application of law away from its foundation in a higher law. Within a
decade of Charles Darwin’s publication of the Origin of Species, Harvard appointed a president
completely immersed in Darwinian evolutionary beliefs, Charles William Eliot.

Suffice it to say that some of the most pious Christians in England were responsible fo the fact that Charles Darwin was buried at what is arguably England’s holiest Christian site — Westminster Abbey. Furthermore as FRC unintentionally points out, in evolution was not always a wedge issue giving rise to activism and fund raising. FRC is knee deep in odious matter with no drain in sight.

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By David Cary Hart

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