“Mr. Brown places piety above palpability. And yet he has the temerity to lecture us about reality.”

Part of NOM’s latest gimme. The bar on the left uniquely highlights the paragraph.

National Organization for Marriage doesn’t actually do anything. At least nothing worthwhile. Essentially it raises money to stay alive in order to raise money to stay alive. In the process it denigrates LGBT people, excusing its bigotry as a religious obligation imposed by the Vatican.

Today is no exception. In a rather long winded diatribe Brian S. Brown asks for money with phony reasoning while disparaging the LGBT community.

Following a couple of paragraphs about a visit to Disneyland:

It’s one thing to suspend disbelief when visiting a theme park like Disneyland, but it’s an entirely different thing to be asked to suspend disbelief when it comes to our laws and public policy. And, increasingly, that’s what is expected of Americans when it comes to the agenda of LGBT activists.

A discussion about reality is in order. Brown believes that gay people are “objectively disordered.” A sexual orientation that the Church disapproves of is not a disorder. Brown believes that sexual orientation is a choice. That is not reality. Brown believes that gender identity is a choice.

Brown also believes that gender dysphoria can be treated with some form of conversion therapy. That is simply not supported by the science. Brown believes many things about LGBT people that are simply not true. Brown does not form these beliefs based on science. In contrast his conclusions are based on the teachings of the Catholic Church which are largely based on ambiguous ancient manuscripts of questionable provenance.

Mr. Brown is in no position to lecture us about the suspension of disbelief. That is something he does every day of his life. People like Brown have selective morality given that religious dogma does not reveal real truth. If one can arbitrarily decide what is and what is not true then they can be immoral in their treatment of other human beings. Mr. Brown is immoral. Sanctimonious and self-righteous but indecent nonetheless. Yet his lecture about reality, coupled with denigration continues:

This rabbit hole distortion of reality is regularly promoted by the mainstream media with their coverage of all sorts of things, but particularly in their coverage of the Trump administration. For example, the media and LGBT activists have recently criticized Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for her decision to faithfully implement the law as it exists when it comes to access to intimate areas in schools (showers, restrooms, locker rooms, etc.), rather than enter the rabbit hole to make up laws that don’t exist so as to support an agenda that has not been adopted by the American people.

Apparently Mr. Brown actually believes Trump who is a pathological liar. Media coverage of Trump that is unfavorable is deemed fake news including the entirety of the Washington Post. As I said, Brown is an arbiter of what is and what is not true irrespective of objective truth.

Federal law establishes that intimate facilities in schools where children can be expected to be in a state of undress be segregated based on sex. Our understanding of “sex” is well-established and universal – it’s the biological fact of being male or being female, a pretty simple concept. But in the rabbit hole world of LGBT activists and the media, sex does not refer to biology but to something they call “gender identity.”

The above is a reflection of the Vatican’s disapproval of transgender and gender nonconforming kids which, again, is based on scripture superseding the realities of medical science. Gender identity is not some fanciful concept developed by cranks and activists. It is a scientific fact that some people have incongruent gender and natal sex.  Not many but some. Brown actually has the balls to argue that all of the medical professionals are wrong. Only people like Ryan T. Anderson have the answers. Therefore, Mr. Brown places piety above palpability. And yet he has the temerity to lecture us about reality.

In fact, go back to the graphic at the top of this piece. It is a lie. NOM is engaged in nothing that could reverse marriage equality. Only a legal case before the Supreme Court has the very slim potential to do that.

NOM is neither the plaintiff nor sponsor of any such case. What is the morality of misleading people so that they send you money? And yet Brown has the temerity to lecture us and to denigrate others with extreme religious fervor.  So please instruct us about probity Mr. Brown as you are a shining example.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.