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Hate group leader Tony Perkins – Family Research Council

Last December Tony Perkins was just livid that a judge overturned Trump’s transgender troop ban. More recently, Trump’s Secretary of the Army, Mike Esper, said that he doesn’t think it’s an issue. Esper, by the way, was once a senior executive at the ultra-(mostly Christian) -conservative Heritage Foundation.

Perkins wrote:

Do you remember voting for Colleen Kollar-Kotelly in the presidential election? Neither does anyone else. But somehow the local district judge thinks she should be able to do President Donald Trump’s job.

In another ruling that not only exposes her incredible liberal bent, but the bigger battle with the out-of-control judiciary, Kollar-Kotelly is turning down the administration’s request for more time in dealing with the military’s transgender question.

Instead, she’s holding the new administration to the old one’s radicalism, insisting that the Defense Department open its doors to people confused about their gender as early as Jan. 1.

Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, by the way, was initially a Reagan appointee who was re-appointed by Clinton. She is a graduate of Catholic University and has served as a presiding judge on the FISA Court. Anyone who doesn’t agree with Perkins is a radical liberal. Just ask him.

Of course Peter Sprigg weighed in with some gibberish about the cost of trans service that was at considerable odds with the paper put out by the RAND Corporation. Who to believe? That’s a tough one.

Perkins went on to cite a poll:

Asked point-blank, almost 60 percent of active-duty military held a negative opinion of the decision to allow troops who label themselves as transgender to serve openly.

That was bullshit then …, and  it is bullshit now.

Sec. Esper told ABC News that he has been speaking with troops at home and abroad over the past three months and transgender service has never come up. He heard from a number of troops who wanted more pay and better food but no one seemed very concerned about transgender troops. Esper met with a group of transgender active duty service members and all they want, according to the secretary, is to be treated fairly with a clear set of standards.

Defense Secretary James Mattis made recommendations to Trump this week. I doubt that we will see any major changes to policy. The same people promised the end of the world when gay troops could serve openly. They were demonstrably wrong then and they are wrong now. Perkins will just have to be content to be permanently and persistently pissed.

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By David Cary Hart

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