Xochi Mochi having some fun entertaining children. It’s all perfectly harmless and its intent is to get kids interested in reading.

I have no idea whatsoever who Desaré Ferraro is. Presumably it’s a woman. Nor am I familiar with Orange County Family Action PAC or Advocates for Faith & Freedom. However they paid Christian Newswire for a press release regarding a “Press Conference to Oppose Drag Queen Storytime and LGBTQ+ Youth Fair at Santa Ana Library.” Sense of timing: Their press release was the same day as the event.

Neither the IRS nor the Federal Election Commission are familiar with that PAC. Nor in fact is the California secretary of state.

Kids are a great deal smarter than some adults. They realize that a drag queen is just an entertainer and they love Drag Queen Story Hour which is spreading across the United States. As The New York Times explained last May:

This is Drag Queen Story Hour. The brainchild of the writer Michelle Tea and Radar Productions, it is exactly what it sounds like: drag queens reading stories to children. It began in San Francisco in December 2015 and spread to Brooklyn last summer, thanks to social media attention. “I saw a Facebook post about it,” said Rachel Aimee, the Drag Queen Story Hour coordinator for New York, “and as soon as I saw it, I said, ‘Oh, this is what I’ve been waiting for.’” … Subsequent library events were a huge success, bringing in hundreds of patrons and the news media.

Anything that gets kids excited about their library and reading is a good thing. Even the religious crazies behind the news release offer a rather benign explanation:

The first of its kind to be held in Orange County, two local drag performers, Kunda Couture and Isabella Xochitl, will read stories to children of all ages in both English and Spanish. Funded through a library grant from the state, this free event takes place at noon the same day as the press conference.

Last time I checked kids interested in story hour probably do not have driver’s licenses. No one is forcing their parents to bring them to the library for the event. Yet, as I said, they are a bit crazy. They want to prohibit others from enjoying something that they disapprove of:

Upon hearing of the children’s event, local church and community leaders shared several concerns with library officials including the sexual nature represented by drag queens in today’s culture and the concern that the presentation will be inappropriate for children. Furthermore, the drag queen event is offensive to a vast majority of religious groups (Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Evangelical Christians, Mormons, Catholics) who also feel that the public library should be a safe place for all children.

There is nothing “inappropriate for children” and there is nothing about a drag queen that is offensive to any religious group. These folks are terribly confused. They also seem to think that libraries are required to obtain their approval:

Despite efforts made to ask the library to cancel or postpone this event until a community discussion about the issue can take place in a more thorough manner with all aspects of the city, including clergy, library staff, city officials, homeless advocates, LGBTQ advocates, and parents and doctors, the library insists on going ahead with the Drag Queen Storytime event.

Enter the former welfare queen with her four abortions (which she blames on Planned Parenthood) who found the economic logic of getting religion. Even more remarkable is the Christians who don’t get the grift:

Star Parker, Founder and President of Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), and Orange County resident shared, “Under the guise of ‘celebrating diversity’ the library is promoting a lifestyle without providing scientific data of the dangers of transgenderism. Santa Ana families do not want their kids to be unknowingly exposed to these issues.”

In 2015 Star Parker pulled down $225,000 from the nonprofit which is located in Washington DC, about 2,700 miles away. Parker, as you can see, is utterly clueless. A drag queen is an entertainer. It has nothing to do with sexual identity. The kids seem to get that. Ms. Parker is lost.

I do not know who Kim Bengard is either but she is clearly confused:

Kim Bengard, president of the Family Action PAC asks, “Why would the state grant money to Santa Ana Public Library for drag queens to talk to children about kindness, compassion and tolerance? Why not invite a member of the clergy, city council member, firefighter or police officer to talk about those things? A man dressed as a woman sends a confusing message about healthy sexuality. We want to protect our children from exposure to adult topics not use them to advance agendas.”

The library is free to request an appearance by clergy or firefighters or whomever. The problem is that no one will show up. Most kids have no interest in hearing some preacher speak. Drag queens pack the place. Kids are encouraged to read and to visit the library. If they form intelligent attitudes about LGBT people that is also a good thing. The children are not confused in the slightest. In contrast, some people make all of life’s decisions according to ancient texts which they claim are inerrant yet contain many glaring errors. Now those people are profoundly confused.

There is room to be even more idiotic:

When asked why he disapproves of the drag queen event, Bishop Gale Oliver, Greater Light Family Church, Santa Ana, said, “Some topics are too mature and overwhelming for a child that is still operating in its stage of innocence. Let’s allow our children to be children and not burden them with adult matters.”

Children never seem to be too young to have the shit scared out of them by mystical demons or the consequences of heavenly disapproval. The idea that they could be destined for Hell and be roasted for eternity is never too mature for kids. Drag queens are G rated. Religion? Not so much.

Another pastor wants to ensure that kids are kept stupid:

Pastor Refugio Sanchez, Santa Ana Free Methodist Church explains it this way, “Because we don’t need someone else to teach our children in the wrong way of creation, we will stand and teach them according to our morals and bible values.”

As I said, there is no edict forcing parents to bring their kids to Drag Queen Story Hour.

Then we have even more moronic unnamed “community leaders” who are completely off the rails:

Community leaders are also concerned with where this genderless movement is heading. Advocates for Faith & Freedom’s constitutional attorney Robert Tyler warns, “Eliminating gender norms has led to the confusion we now see in Delaware where the Board of Education has proposed a new regulation that will not only allow students to choose their own gender, but also their own race. This ‘anything-goes mentality’ turns civil rights laws on their head. A white student will soon be able to apply for scholarships designated for minority students simply by claiming to be a different race.”

Aside from being as crazy as his clients, Mr. Tyler is unlikely to be a constitutional attorney. He is part of a four-member law firm in Murrieta, CA and his most recent case on the federal docket seems to be in 2011: SFM, LLC v. Sprouts Natural Market Inc. His client, Sprouts, was sued for trademark infringement. He is also not admitted to the federal appellate courts or the Supreme Court. But I digress. Choose their own race? Just how unhinged and dumb is this man?

As I said, no one is forcing Mr. Tyler to bring his kids to the library. He wants to make sure that no one else is able to do what he disapproves of. Who the hell does he think he is to make decisions for other parents?

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By David Cary Hart

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