Jennifer Roback Morse
Hate group leader Jennifer Roback Morse – Ruth Institute

Jennifer Roback Morse continues to promote family dysfunction on behalf of the Catholic Church. Morse is like a toxic cultist. Morse believes that obedience to the teachings of the Church is more important than someone’s relationship with their brother. Supposedly answering the question of whether someone should attend his brother’s same-sex wedding:

Should you go to the wedding? In a word, no, you should not. They may ask you, “Would you go to the wedding of a divorced person who was remarrying?” The correct answer is, “No, I would not. They are entering publicly into an adulterous union. I would not go.” If they reply, “But you went to Uncle Harry’s second wedding and didn’t say a word,” the proper answer is, “I was wrong to do that. I should not have gone.”

Note how Morse has all the answers to rhetorical questions. The more assertive brother might say something like: “I did not ask for your approval. I asked you to attend a very important event in my life. You have responded by being disrespectful to me and to my intended. You have hurt me and you have offended us.”

Morse continues:

The longer-term question is: how do you maintain good relationships with these people and other family members who are going along with their plans to marry? This is the larger challenge.

How about not insulting them in the first place?

Take every opportunity to show them love and compassion. Include your brother and his friend in activities whenever you can do so in good conscience. …

Compassion means sympathetic pity for the suffering of others. Morse presupposes that gay people are suffering. If there is suffering it is at the hands of Morse and her ridiculous adherence to nonsensical dogma. If you cannot refer to a bother’s spouse as his “husband” (in contrast to “friend”) then you might not deserve a place in his life.

This goes on about the teachings of the Church. The conclusion is weird even for a weird person like Jennifer Roback Morse:

Keep praying for them. Your time with the Lord will gradually reveal other specific ways in which you can show love to your brother. Eventually, the Lord may show you an opportunity to explain the Church’s teaching in its fullness. Or maybe the Lord will place someone else in your brother’s life who can share it with him.

In other words, pray for your brother to cheat on his husband with a woman, get divorced and then remarry. Aside from the fact that it demonstrates an inability to accept a brother for who he is; aside from the improbability; aside from the absurdity of second-party pray-away-the-gay; wanting someone’s marriage to fracture is immoral. Were it Morse’s brother, what poison would she infuse into the relationship if she could? She is demonstrating utter contempt for a brother’s spouse. It is a smile in public, disparage in private.

Arguing with people like Morse is as futile as arguing with a Scientologist or a Moonie. They are impervious to logic and unwilling to be introspective. They believe that their piety and faithfulness to doctrine makes them superior to others. People like Morse tend to think that their religious orthodoxy makes them intellectuals. They feel entitled to tell everyone else how they should live because of self-acclaimed moral and intellectual superiority. Their arrogance is limitless.

Intentionally disrespecting a brother does not suggest an understanding of morality. Denying science in an attempt to conform a false reality to religious dogma is not an intellectual pursuit. And Morse wonders why Southern Poverty Law Center designates her Ruth Institute a hate group.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.